This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


11. Invitations

            “Did you get the invite?” Matt asked Latte at the lunch table.


            “To where?” May asked.


            “It’s Harold’s Halloween party,” Emily responded.


            “We all go one except for you,” Geoffrey stated.


            “Just ask him for one. He’ll give you one,” Brianna said.


            “His party is going to be awesome. Even though he’s obviously 79.99% most likely to be the most nerdish kid in the school, he has awesome parties. There’ll be hors d'oeuvre, extreme decorations, and all in a huge mansion.


                                                          * * *


            “Ok he gave me one. Even the cards are extravagant,” May complimented.


            “I know right!” Emily said. Even though Latte has completely different personalities, this is the first party they have all been invited to. It wasn’t that they were invited as a group, but as individuals. Will everyone at the party cope with Latte together? This could possibly split their group up. Oh well, no one at this time sees anything wrong with it.


            “Ok the party is this Saturday and I want all of us to be there. Does anyone have anything absolutely important that day? I can understand if you can’t make it,” Emily said.


            “Well I have to witness in court,” May piped.


          “I want you to tell that judge that if you were really needed, then he could reschedule! Do you understand?!” Emily exclaimed.


            “Yes.” May was really quiet with that answer.


            “Ok then that settles it. We will all make an appearance at the party to show people who we really are.”

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