This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


16. Into the Valley

             “Now what, do we go into the valley?” Matt asked.


            “Yeah, this may be the only clue we get,” Geoffrey responded. The valley was very deep, but thankfully the forest in the valley had been cut down due to paper demands. The paper couldn’t be that hard to find.


            “I see it. It’s over there next to the creek.” May found it! Latte rushed down the hill before any more wind could interfere. It was fall and the creek was very cold so Latte had to find a way over. They did what anyone would do and devised a Rube Goldberg model.


            “By kicking this rock, the weight of the wood will cause these planks to shift over the water therefore forming a bridge.”


            “That was a very impressive idea May, but all we had to do was jump over it,” Brianna said.


            “Fine just take all of the fun out of it,” she replied. Latte jumped over and rushed to the other peak of the valley. After taking a short break mid-way up the hill, Latte made it to the paper.


            “It looks just like and addition to my story. We must get handwriting samples from everyone in town to find the victim,” Emily said. Operation Hand was in go.

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