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18. Handwriting Analysis

             “Okay now that we’re here, let’s get started. It’s time to find our suspect with a 97.2% chance of victory,” Brianna said. “It has to be here somewhere.”


            “I’ll lock in the first and second period cabinets!” Matt called out.


            “I call third and sixth, my two favorite numbers.” Geoffrey chose. Lunch is fourth and fifth period.


            “I have seventh!” May said.


            “That leaves me with eighth.” Emily was disappointed because eighth period was full of sloppy hand writers. Brianna just chose to stand and be a spectator.


            After 35 minutes, all the papers were sorted through. Only eight papers came close to matching the note. Those eight were the main suspects. The papers that were check were just free writing so Emily took them home with her to analyze them.


                                                              * * *


            Emily was making interrogation questions for the suspects. It isn’t very easy to make questions that don’t give away your intentions. It’s even harder to get people to answer the questions. There had to be another way to narrow down those lists. Then, as Emily was dusting off her desk, her “Why Grammar” book fell on the floor. That’s it, everyone has a unique writing style. One of the suspects’ writing styles must reflect the one on the note. 

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