This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


4. Geoffrey Holmes POV


                                                                                              Geoffrey Holmes

     It’s time to do my daily hour of gaming. Mom says I can only do one hour because too many games with influence anger upon me when I get older. Mom thinks I have anger issues but I just don’t see it. Well, I might have slight anger issues, but I prefer to call it overreacting in a negative way.

     I turn on the LG television along with my Xbox. It’s time to play my favorite game, “Barbie’s Great Fashionista Adventure!” I have already started my modeling enterprise in Paris. Next up, I have a runway in the Louvre. I’m going to ace this level. A, Y, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, B. Some hip-hop music plays as my model struts in a yellow sundress.

     Then, mixes of static and green lines appear on the screen. A message pops up saying that the Xbox malfunctioned. It turns off. All I can think to do is sit. My eye begins to twitch. I stand up, and begin counting to ten. After all of my patience, I go crazy.

     I run around my room and scream my head off. After rolling and jumping everywhere, Mom begins to worry.

     “Sweetie, are you ok?”

     “No Mom! I was in the middle of a catwalk when my Xbox broke down! That’s like dying except, well… like, bad simile. You still get the point though.”

     “It’s ok, just calm down. Let me get your medication.” Mom said with a frightened voice.

     “No, no meds!” I snapped at her.

     “You need your meds. Let me go and get you a glass of water to take with your pills.”

     “You can’t make me take the pill!”

     “Do I need to get your leash?”

     “No I hate the leash mom!”

     “Well will you calm down?”


     “I’m really thinking sending you to a therapist.”

*****AUTHOR"S NOTE*****

I am thinking about posting a chapter every Tuesday and Thursday now. So if you wonder when I will upload, just remember those dates. If I miss a day, I will try to make it up, but you never know. Thanks for your cooperation


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