This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


7. First Day of Work


     The group of friends call themselves the “L.A.T.T.E.” That means Lunch AlTogether Till ForEver. It also is their favorite drink. You know how it is, an extra shot of vanilla and whipped cream. That means that their top hangout spot is Starbucks which is in walking distance from the school. They go there on a daily basis. After completing some homework, they may have time to talk and buy a drink

     That’s until one day; the manager of Starbucks notices the willingness of the quintet’s ability to come daily.

     “Hey, we’re hiring and I was wondering if you guys would like to fill up the positions?” After examining everyone’s facial expressions, Emily decides to answer for everyone.

     “Of course, that would be awesome! When do we start?”

     “First, there is some state mandated paperwork you need to fill out. There is a spot that your parents need to sign also. Bring this tomorrow and you can start.”

     “Awesome!” Latte says in unison.

* * *

     Latte returns with their signed forms. After the manager approves of each person, he gets them their uniforms. It’s and Irish green apron and a white t-shirt to go underneath. The positions are assigned too. Geoffrey is working the drive through. Brianna is working the cash register along with Emily. May and Matt are working together, which isn’t a good idea, on preparing the drinks.

     Everyone’s first customer, except for Geoffrey, is Miss Rutherford.

     “Oh hey Brianna and Emily! What a pleasure it is seeing you here.” Brianna and Emily did have any pleasure seeing Miss Rutherford though.

     “Hey Miss Rutherford. What would you like?” Brianna asked.

     “I’ll just take it simple: Three lattes with whipped cream, a frappuccino, and an iced coffee.”

     “Simple? Ok your total is $11.57” Emily responded. Miss Rutherford mumbled something about expensive prices and handed over her money. A few minutes later, her order was made and she walked out without even saying thank you.

     Geoffrey did get a little angry about the lack of clarity through the microphone on the drive through. After a few glances from the manager, he cleaned up his attitude. Throughout the workday, you could hear arguing from the kitchen area. May was probably annoying the mess out of Matt. Honestly speaking, May could easily annoy the bug out of anyone. Those twitches of hers, they can get on anyone’s nerves.

     Latte’s first workday wasn’t a total bust as they thought it would be. The only people who kept their cool were Brianna and Emily. The manager may have let Latte get away with a few things today, but they better shape up their act if they want to keep the positions that they are in.

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