This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


14. Fired

             Ever since the beginning of their friendship, this is the first day Latte has been separated. On top of everyone’s shock of Latte actually being a group, people are also shocked that they have divided up. So far, no one in Latte is really happy, except for Geoffrey who finally gets to eat his chocolate in peace. It’s a big stunner among everyone, especially since it’s just one little gram of dark chocolate. The thought of dark chocolate just gives me the chills. Milk chocolate is the best and everyone loves it except vegans.

            Anyways, little do they realize it, but the parties of Bam, Independent, and Charm have to show up for work at Starbucks today. The manager of Starbucks won’t tolerate bad attitudes or behavior. We can only hope that Latte can work this out. It’s not like Latte gets to pick their daily position either. The manager wants Latte to work in their best position, but he surprises them sometimes.

 * * *

The school day is finally over. The different parties carpool together and discuss their strategies. Bam said that they do not need to say a single word to Charm unless it’s mandatory. Charm will fight back if Bam starts something. Geoffrey will just work as he normally does.

            “Okay, Geoffrey, you’re on drive-thru duty. Emily and May, you can work the register and take orders. Matt and Brianna, you guys are on the kitchen. Ok, let’s get busy.” The manager gave everyone perfect jobs. Now, no one has to argue or fight. Well, the only point Charm and Bam interact is when Charm hands the order ticket, or Bam hands over the order.

             Latte is just five minutes in their one-hour shift and thankfully, there have been no customers. That means that there have been no problems. The first customer arrived 15 minutes in.

            “I’d like a small cappuccino with cream.” At least it was a simple order. Anyone can make that without starting a fight. May handed the ticket back and Matt received it. May smiled.

            “Even though we’re on different teams, I will still love you,” May said.

            “What did I say May. Don’t start anything!” Emily was really mad at May. She wouldn’t follow any instructions.

            Matt handed back the drink and Emily totaled up the cost. Then the customer said the cappuccino was too creamy.

            “Hey Brianna, you put a little too much cream. Could you at least try to make it right?” Did May really just say that? I didn’t think she had the nerve to do it. I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. It wasn’t May. It was her self-conscience. The point had come where May’s self-conscience had enough of its owner and was taking over.

            Brianna kept her cool, not wanting to lose her job. May got vicious looks from Emily. Geoffrey tried to keep his cool also because the earpiece wasn’t very clear. Then this is how it all fell apart.

            Matt was handing the cappuccino to Emily but it slipped from his hand. Brown liquid covered Emily almost completely. You could easily see all of the stickiness that she stood in. Remember Charm’s strategy, they would fight back if Bam started something. Well, Emily clearly thought that this was not an accident.

            “What is wrong with you? Do you have a problem with me?” Emily let all of her anger go. Matt didn’t know what to say.

            “It was just an accident. You don’t need to go all crazy on me. I didn’t harm you in any way. Well, the cappuccino was a little hot but you know our service. We can never accomplish heat.” Matt was just adding fuel to the fire.

           “What is going on in here? Can a man just listen to his punk rock in peace?” The manager wasn’t happy either. “Ugh, what a mess! That’s it, you’re all fired.” Latte put up their uniforms and the worst part of all, it wasn’t Friday. No minimum wage salaries for them.

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