This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


5. Emily Charm's POV


     Ok, as part of my New Year’s resolution, I want to write a novel. Nothing big, just 50,000 words! I have absolutely no clue on what my story should be about. While I’m thinking on a few plot ideas, I can make a character list.

     Miranda Crow- protagonist-attitude/personality-lazy

     Alfred Moss- friend of Miranda-attitude/personality- persevered

     Carli Rae- antagonist-attitude/personality-desired to be a pop star

     Matt Taft-friend of Carli- attitude/personality-his way or the highway

     That could be the basic list of characters. I can add more later. I found out a great idea for a plot. Miranda and Alfred could be competing in a scavenger hunt against Carli and Matt. Since it’s around Halloween, this scavenger hunt could take place in a haunted mansion. Now the title is a whole different story. Well it’s actually the same story but in a different way. I’m sure I’ll come up with is later. It’s time to get writing.

     Miranda Crow is just your average 8th grader, not having any real concerns for her place in society. Accompanied by her friend, Alfred Moss, they are the tightest group of friends. They have all of their classes together, which isn’t a big shocker because Alfred’s mom is a guidance counselor. Even though they don’t bother anyone, that doesn’t mean that no one bothers them. The two most hated people in the school, Carli Rae, a wannabe pop star, and Matt Taft, a pushy jock that will boss you around.

     Both cliques notice a flyer on the schools announcement board. “Come to the scavenger hunt of a lifetime. Call 454-6570 for more details.”

     “We should totally do that Alfred!” I say.

     “Well we’re doing it too. Prepare to lose,” Carli states.

             I think that I’m doing really well right now. I’ve already wrote 112 words in a minute. I’ll let you in on more excerpts of my book.

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