This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


6. Brianna Greystone's POV



     Of course, mass chaos in the lunch room is a 50.4% chance of assigned seats. It’s a 96.7% chance that I have to sit next to someone I don’t want to. The principal directs me to sit next to a dumb person. It appears that some random girl has a flirty attitude towards to the dumb guy. There is a 63.9% chance that the dumb guy can’t stand the flirty girl. Too bad I have to sit next to a lovesick bird all year.              

     “Hey I’m Matt, Matt Howland,” said the dumb person. We both shake hands.

     “I’m May Flower,” the lovebird said. Instead of shaking my hand, she twitches and yelps. The part of the lunchroom that is seated gets quiet and stares. After this awkward silence, slowly, the lunchroom begins to grow in noise.

     “Okay… that was weird. Anyways, I’m Emily Charm. I love getting creative.” Emily seems really nice. There’s a 89% chance that we will remain friends.

     “I’m Geoffrey,  it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

     “Hi everyone, I’m Brianna Greystone.”

     "Now that we’ve done roll call, it’s time to give some advice. Do not, on any conditions, make Geoffrey mad. If you do, you’ll regret anything you said,” said Matt. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I better listen to him.

     We chat all lunch period. Maybe something good can come from something bad. I am 99.99% happy today. I learned that Emily is writing a novel, May has really bad twitching issues which I’m sure I’ll figure out why later, and Geoffrey has anger issues. These guys are my first “real” friends. Everyone just uses me for help in math. I hope that’s not what my friends are planning to do. I guess I should have a little trust in them. They seemed very nice.



     ***AUTHOR'S NOTE****

This is the last POV shift, so starting Thursday, we will have actual chapters!!!


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