The Runaway

Abbie Goss is a young girl who lives with her foster parents she lived with the foster kids since the incident. but when she is told that her step parents are sending her back to the horrid place she decides to runaway. shes cold and dripping wet hidden behind a dumpster a boy comes along and finds her. After her dreary appearence he decides to help her. But what will happen when they find her? Will he stay to fight or leave her cause she lied?


6. Stay

When i woke up i was in a bed. I flickered my eyes open and noticed a beautiful bed spread and batman posters plastered on the walls. and a little bat watching me from the cage it was in. i sat up and streached Liam was in a chair across the room watching me, "Bout time you got up...lazy" i looked around. "How did i get in here?" he looked at me and tilted his head. "Well i got up early with the boys and carried you in here to sleep. by the way Michaela told me to give these to you Harrys taking you shopping for clothes since she wants you to live with us now." I smile and jump up. "Turn around or leave or something." he closed his eyes and i took off my shirt i pulled on the white tank top and the blue lon sleave see through blue button up shirt i grabbed the white pants and pulled them up ince i got the shorts off. i put some socks on and tied my hair back in a high ponytail." You can i look now!" i spoke. He opened his eyes and stared in awe, I smiled "What?" he blinked "Oh nothing." i open the door and find michaela "do you have any shoes?" she smiled she grabbed some supper furry boots that were a light blue. "Here to complete the amazing outfit!" i slide them on over the socks and i looked awesome. She pointed me to the back of the house "Harry is waiting for you out there." i smile "Thanks!" i grab my coat and go outside to the garage there was a black Mustang with tinited windows. i gasped at the view. The door opened and Harry steped out he was wearing a purple jack willis hoodie and sunglasses he had blue jeans on with vans, He walked to the other side and opened the door. "My lady." he said with a wink. I smiled. "Thanks Sir Styles." he laughed he shut the door and i watched him walk back around and stop at the drivers door and opended it. he got in and sat down on the white leather seats. Shutting the door he started the engine back up. he glance through the reveiw mirror. "Now lets go..where do you wana go?" i looked at him as we backed out of the garage onto the rode. "I dont know this place so you take us somewhere." He smiles cheekily "I gotta place" i just smile unable to speak. He heads toward the center of town and then i see it. in big pink letters DEBS i look at him and laugh "Your joking right?" he shakes his head. Were famous i dont have to joke about it. I think for a moment....oh my god how could i not have even noticed! there one direction! "Im so stupid!" i facepalmed my face. He tossed his head back im laughter. "Took you long enough!" we got out of the car and we ran to the door. we opened it. it was empty. "Theres no one here..." i said looking around. "Yeah i know i called and set up to make sure they didnt have anyone in here for us." i look at him "Oh thanks i think?" he smiled "i donr want us to get interupted. the store clark hurried over and locked the door blushing like mad she said "You can have anything in here for half price." She bussled away and we looked at eachother smiling.

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