The Runaway

Abbie Goss is a young girl who lives with her foster parents she lived with the foster kids since the incident. but when she is told that her step parents are sending her back to the horrid place she decides to runaway. shes cold and dripping wet hidden behind a dumpster a boy comes along and finds her. After her dreary appearence he decides to help her. But what will happen when they find her? Will he stay to fight or leave her cause she lied?


7. Shopping!

We ran over to some dresses. and he started pulling out random things. "What about the weather?" he looked at me "In london summer startes tomorrow." i laugh he found some strapless tight dresses that were my size, "What about these?" He nods "Perfect" i laugh. he pulls out some black red orange green and purple dresses that are short and are laced and see through on the arms. I look at them up and down. "I like it." he grabs the dresses and makes me try some on, i modeled a little and he purrs with laughter. we move onto some shirts we find a light green lowcut shirt with some bellbottem ripped pants. moving onto random outfits we found a fowery patterened one peice shirt connected to a wovven belt built into short light blue shorts, After an hour i found some Neon Red spandex and a black tubetop for my jogs he bought me some rainbow nikes, I huged him by the time we were done we had over half of a wardrobe. we got in the car laughing. about him trying on a dress and heels. We drove out of the parking lot and headed in the oppisite direction of home. "Where are we going?" i asked looking at him he didnt take his eyes off of the rode to Verizion Wireless to buy you a phone." i stared in shock. "Foreal?" he laughed nodding. we drove for a good twenty minutes. Bam! we entered the store and looked at the fancy phones. "You know all we gotta do is buy me a flipphone right?" he looked at me "No! were buying you a touch." he looked at a Phone with a shiny black case. A gallaxy Gx 5, the newest phone. We bought it right away and they handed it to us, Harry typed in all of the boys' numbers and michaela.


"ABBIE!" i looked back from my spot on the stairs Louis was jumping up and down. "HERE!! NOW!" i laughed he took hold of my hand and dragged me to his room. "Now strip Lady!" i stood there shocked. he smiled i want you to try these on!" He handed me red pants and a black and white stripped shirt, he turned around and waited, i changed and they fit perfectly. He turned back around and smiled "they fit! there mine!" i laugh he was wearing the same thing, "Now a final touch." He clips suspenders on my and then braided my hair down my back in a loose fitting tie. "I never met a boy who can braid!" he smirked "Thats cuz youve never met me" i burt out in a fury of giggles, He took my hand and we ran to the living room to the gang, "Look at Abbie!" Micheala gaped at the sight, "What did you do to her?!" Louis smiled evily "I Lou-ified her." we all began laughing.

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