The Runaway

Abbie Goss is a young girl who lives with her foster parents she lived with the foster kids since the incident. but when she is told that her step parents are sending her back to the horrid place she decides to runaway. shes cold and dripping wet hidden behind a dumpster a boy comes along and finds her. After her dreary appearence he decides to help her. But what will happen when they find her? Will he stay to fight or leave her cause she lied?


1. Nothing can go wrong

               I lifted my head to watch the snowflakes fall from the sky. i smiled to myself. a snowflake landed on my nose and i giggled. James came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist "Hello princess" nuzzling into my neck. i glanced at him he kissed me on the forhead and  said "Lets take a hike to the playground!" he grabbed my hand and we ran a quarter mile to the swings. Laughing the whole way. "Haha james why are we here?" he just gave me a daring stare and nudged me toward the swings. i laughed and sat on a swing. Pushing off the ground i swung slowly back and forth. i Felt his hands touch my back and push my foward. We stayed for a minute then my swing comes to a stop. Iean backward to see him standing above me gazing down at me in wonderi tilted my head back a little more then he leaned down and kissed me, I glanced past him at the sky it was growing dark. "I have to leave now bye love you" i smile lightly and kiss his cheek.

               The street was cold and dark i could see my breath in front of me. I smiled to myself about the kiss it felt real to me this time,  i touched my lips and could feel him there. Weve been togeher for nine mothes and i believed he was gunna stay forever. The street lamps flickered on and i turned down Oak and continued walking. i got to a huge wooden fence and turned down the cobble stone path. i got to the door checked the mail and grabbed three letters, i read the labels "FOSTER HOME" "BILLS DUE" "RENT" i wondered who the foster home was for. I opened the door and walked in mother and father were at the table waiting for me. "Hello Sweetheart" my father spoke solemly. i was confuzzled. Mother motioned for me to take a seat. "Whats this about" i say handing father the letter, He just smiled but had a sad look gllimmer in his eye then was gone. "Nothing hunny." i smile and get up "Well nothing cann get worse" i go to leave but mother grabs my arm and pulls me in for a hug. I slowly walk up the stairs and look back at them they were murmuring amoung eachother i walk to my room. and see a new skype call. I sat down fluffed my hair and answered.


"Hey babe"

"Hello love i just wanted to say i love you and goodnight." he kisses his fingers then touch them to the screen.

"I love you too" i repeat his action and sign off.

"Wow nothing can go wrong" i breath to myself as i flop down on my bed and close my eyes,


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