The Runaway

Abbie Goss is a young girl who lives with her foster parents she lived with the foster kids since the incident. but when she is told that her step parents are sending her back to the horrid place she decides to runaway. shes cold and dripping wet hidden behind a dumpster a boy comes along and finds her. After her dreary appearence he decides to help her. But what will happen when they find her? Will he stay to fight or leave her cause she lied?


3. Cold, Cold, Cold

 i pushed myself off the ground and ran, hard and i didnt stop i didnt want him to catch me. he chased me i took sharp turns and lost him about an hour ago. i know i was out of town by now and i was still running. i was two towns away from my town and the danks. i stopped and breathing hard i figured this was London with all the lights flashing. i continued walking and came across a lake i had to cross it. i stepped ion the ice it held about a little over the lake it cracked and i was plunged into the cold dark water. i swam up and felt ice i couldnt find the opening. i felt around and saw a light i touched it it was the hole i climbed out shivering i got to the snow and fell i held myself and limped to an allie way i dragged myself behind the dumpster and closed my eyes i couldnt feel my body at all except the aking pain from the cold. i was barely concious i was there for hours. i wasnt moving i heard a soft voice "Hello? who are you?" i felt a warm hand on my neck to feel my pulse , the next thing i knew i was being lifted into someones arms. he grunted and i felt a soft bump of every step he took. i closed my eyes and fell asleep in his arms. five minutes latter i was awoke by a door opening and a worried girls voice. "Shes frozen solid. and shes soaked!" the boy spoke calmly. "Well bring her in ill run a warm bath. lay her on the couch. i felt a brisk warmness as i was carried into the home. the couch underneath me and the sound of running water. "Where did you find her?" a womans voice asked. "by an old dumpster." the boy spoke again. a young women leaned over me and glanced at me. "Hi sweetheart come with me." i blinked to see clearer and stood up i wobbled and my legs buckled under me and i collapsed. i felt an arm go around me and help me up and to the bathroom. he huffed as he set me down on the toilet lid letting me sit down he coughed then stepped out the young women stepped in. "Do you need help removing your clothes?" i paused then nodded i couldnt move my fingers or hands, she helped me up and closed the door.  i pulled off my head gear and she helped me with the rest. she opened the door a crack and gave the clothes to the boy. "Go throw these in the washer and dryer." with that she shut the door, i stood there feeling naked for the longest time. then she came back over and helped me into the steaming water. at first it burned but then warmed me. she sat on the toilet and watched me. "Wow you were turned blue. Whats your name dear?" it took me a moment to speak. "Abbie.." i choked out. i kinda felt uncomfortable with her sitting in there talking to me, she nodded. "My names Michaela you'll have to pardon Zayn he isnt open to people that often." she  kinda said softly. "Where do you live?" she asked in an awkward state. "Well i came from three towns over." i murmured. "Well doll what are you doing here?" i wasnt sure what to say. then she realized i didnt want to say so she stayed quiet, After i washed and felt my body heat come back she handed me a towel and left. i stared at my body reflection in the mirror that covered the wall.  i had bumps and brusies covering my naked body. i looked away. i wrapped the towel around my body and stood there. my hair was drippining. i heard a knock and i opened the door. Michaela was standing there and told me to follow her. I stepped out of the bathroom and followed her down the hall passing the living room i saw Zayn sitting on the couch watching football. We passed five rooms then went up the stairs to seven more rooms at the end of the hall was a tall door reaching up to the chandeller hanging above the double stair case. the wooden doors were openning which brought my attention back. We walked into the room and the lights turned on. we reached the bed and she pulled some clothes out. there was some batman slippers and a tanktop with batmans logo on it with some small shorts with batmans logo patterened across it. they fit perfectly and he shirt was perfect too but a little baggy. i loved it. I sat on the bed and she pulled out a brush and some hair ties and came toward me.

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