The Runaway

Abbie Goss is a young girl who lives with her foster parents she lived with the foster kids since the incident. but when she is told that her step parents are sending her back to the horrid place she decides to runaway. shes cold and dripping wet hidden behind a dumpster a boy comes along and finds her. After her dreary appearence he decides to help her. But what will happen when they find her? Will he stay to fight or leave her cause she lied?


4. a wonderful home

She walked across the room toward the bed and sat down behind me. she started running the brush through my light brown mocha hair, she humed nobody compares as she worked the brush through the tangles. "So uhm how did you get here?" she asked. "Well i ran away." she rubbed my shoulder, then continued brushing. "Why did you run?" she murmured. "I ran cuz they were sending me back to the foster home but i didnt want to. i slammed my door and i broke a priceless vase and my step father came at me with an axe." i croked. she paused intaking what i just said. "Oh my god im so sorry.." i shrug it off "Its fine as long as they dont find me and i dont go back." she put the brush down and made a bun it was a loose pretty one but i had a lot of extra strands so she finished it off with a waterfall braid leaving down a few strands. "Perfect" She breathed. She handed me a mirror and i looked at my reflection. I looked beautiful, for once i felt beautiful. she bounced off the bed and said "The boys will be back later. wana watch a movie?" i nod. She takes my hand and leads me to another room. There was a huge tv that covered the whole wall. in the back of the room near the door was a whole selection of movies. "She stood beside me stroking her invisible beard. i laughed. then she broke out laughing too. After a good five minute laugh she finally said, "I wana watch a horror movie."  i smile "me to!" we decided on Dont be afraid of the dark. we settled in and i had a fluffy pillow and a blanket on. Half way through the movie we heard laughing and yelling and footsteps going up the stairs.she glanced at the closed door and said "The boys are home."  Suddenly the door opens and four boys walk in.Laughing the notice the movie and suddenly shuts up the all. Grab a seat on the wide couch michaela and i were on. A blonde irish accented boy sits next to michaela and wraps an arm around her hes shirtless and has baggy plaided pj pants on. "Hey babe!" they kissed and then he spoke again "Whose she?" Everyone turned and noticed me sitting there. "Oh thats Abbie. Zayn brought her home." he nods everyone smiles A boy with a buzzcut sits next to me "Hi my names Liam." i smile "Hi." "And im Niall" the blonde boy speaks. "Im Harry" the curly haired boy winks. "and im Jennifer." he smiles seriouosly,  Niall laughes "No thats Louis, hes a joker" i smile and shake his hand. "Nice to meet you all. The movie was paused and everyone was getting up to get a drink or use the bathroom. or to change clothes so i turn to michaela "Can i go get a drink?" she nods "down stairs to your right near the door ok?" i smile "Thanks." i get up and close the door. i step down the red rug covering the shiny wooden stairs the chandeller glimmers above me. the huge door sat down the stairs i touched the marble floor the sat at the bottem of the stairs. taking the directions i turned right and walked into the living room, Zayn was gone. i toook three steps and i turned around to see Zayn standing there watching me. "Uhm, can you help me find the kitchen?" he nods and leads me to the kitchen. "Thanks" then he was gone. i finally found the glass i wanted and poured some water into it. i set it in the sink and stepped out of the kitchen.only to be scared to death by Louis popping up beside me. "Ello Love!" i sqeaked out of fear and he burst out laughing. i push him away and start to walk toward the stairs back to michaela. He pulled on my arm. i sighed and turned around, "Yes?" he smiled "You dont talk much." i shrugged and continued up the stairs.when i go to the room i opened it and Louis closed it. i opened it again and Louis closed it ."For Gods sake quit!" Michaela appeared at the door "Louis quit harrasing the poor girl!" He laughed we walked back im and i sat in my spot and liam beamed "You like batman too!" "Ha yeah batmans awesome." he put his arm above me. We played through seven movies at the least everyone was asleep except me Liam and Harry, five minutes later Harry closed his eyes. i yawned and didnt know what to do.Suddenly i felt a hand slid around my shoulders and pull me in. The next thing i knew was Liam kissed my head and leaned over slightly and made a pillow out of Louis and laid my head on his chest. he stroked my hair then he put his arm around my waist. i listened to his heartbeat and fell asleep.

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