Only Kissing....Maybe

This is sorta about my life ya


1. Love At First Sight

Alicia's P.O.V

I'm finally going to graduate this year I have been waiting my whole life to do this! I have this biggest crush ever since the 4th grade but something happened in 5th Grade and now he won't talk to me

**Flashback To 5th Grade**

I was waiting for the bus and I was talking to my friend Cooper he said "You and Alayanna have a competition!" I said "About what." he whispered "You know how you like Ayden and so does Alayanna, but I won't tell anyone I promise." and then Ayden walks over and says "Are you talking about that butt thing!" and Cooper said "No, we are talking about how Alicia and Alayanna have a competition between liking you." Ayden said "Oh, my god!" and walked away "Shoot that slipped right out of my mouth." I glared at Cooper "Ya know what Cooper I HATE YOU."


Well see how that worked out for me ...ya I know embarrassing right ok well back to real life. I glared at Cooper even though I don't hold grudges. "Hey Alicia I'd like to ask you something," He got on one knee and brought out a black case and I stared in awe at the beautiful rose! "Alicia Francisco will you, go to prom with me?!?" I stared in awe and out of blue I screamed "YES YES TOTALLY YES!" Cooper stood up and put the flower on my wrist and kissed me passionately I was to into the kiss to notice that Ayden trudged away. Cooper backed away and said "How da you like dem apples." and stood there and watched me ponder. Wait if I like Ayden then why did I kiss Cooper back and Ayden trudged away but I think I have feelings for Ayden and Cooper but then I remembered why Cooper and Ayden stopped being bestfriends. Oh ya Ayden is gay and Ayden asked Cooper Out weird I KNOW RIGHT.Cooper kissed me in the middle of my pondering. 

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