There Is A reason for everything

Hannah and Niall have been dating for a while. In the last story, Everything happens for a reason, You learn that Niall is going to ask Hannah to marry her. (BTW dont read this untill you read the other one first) But if she says yes would something stand in ther way? What if she says no? Would he fight for her or would he walk away?
P.S. Hope you like it!! :)


11. Welcome home!

Nialls POV: We rode in the ambulance to the hospitial. Hannah was in pain. But she was happy. She had this beautiful baby. He was a cute little boy. His full name was Thomas Jason Horan. Her Uncle was always called Jason so we intened to do that for our baby boy too. "Niall?" Hannah said. She was holding my hand so tight. "Yes?" I asked. "Im scared. What if something is wrong. With either the baby or me. What if me laying there for so long caused problems." she said worried. "No matter what. Even if something is wrong you and our baby are perfect!" I said. She turned back to the baby in her arms. We made it to the Hospitial. The checked Hannah and Jason out. They where both fine. I knew they would be. They said they had to leave them there for the night. I called the boys to tell them. They all stayed home to clean the mess. "Hello? Niall? How is Hannah and Jason?" Harry answered. He sounded worried. Which was understandable. We all where. She had been in labor for so long that you never know. "She is fine and he is fine." I said. "Good. When are you coming home?" "Tomorrow. Did you get our room cleaned up?'' "Yea. You may need a new matress unless you want to lay on blood stains." I laughed then,"Ok thanks Harry. We will be home tomorrow." "Ok see you then bye." Then the phone call was over. Hannah was asleep when I walked into the room. Jason was in his little bed asleep aswell. It was so late. Nearly 10 O'clock. I desided I would go to sleep too. I hoped that we all would sleep through the night. I fell asleep in the hard rocking chair. I had dreams of Jason growing up. The hope of us all sleeping though the night was short lived. At 3 AM Jason woke up and started to cry. I held him in my hands and sang to him. He didnt go back to sleep but he did stop crying.He looked at me. He had big blue eyes. And he was so small. I rocked back and forth. Singing a lullaby. Eventually he fell asleep. I held him for a while before putting him back in his crib. I sat back down and fell asleep.

Hannahs POV: I woke up to the baby crying. I saw Niall get up and hold him in his arms. I didnt say anything. I was way to tired to. He sang to him. I fell asleep just lidtening to it. When I woke up next the sun was in my eyes. Niall was asleep in the chair inbetween the baby and I. My back started to hurt a lot. I didnt want to wake niall or the baby so I say quietly hoping the pain would go away. It didnt. It got progressivly worse. Niall woke up to my wimpers of pain. "Are you ok Hannah?" He asked standing up. I shook my head no. "whats wrong?" I would have answered but the pain was so bad that i couldnt speak. Niall figured it out anyways. He pressed the nurse button. Within a few minuets they were there. 'what wrong?" They asked. "she wont say but I think her back is hurting." Niall said. The nurses cheaked my hear rate and did the normal cheak up stuff. They left the room withouut a word. They came back in about a half hour with my doctor. She layed me on my side and felt my back from bottme to top. I winced when she touched my lower back. "Ok well there isnt anything wronge really. Its normal. Its your first baby right?" She asked. I noded. "Ok well this will occure for a few days. it will hurt less everytime. If it does this for a few months come back here and we will have to do an X-ray." I looked at her. Teary eyed from the pain. She walked out of the room with the nurses. Laying on my side made it hurt less. Niall rubbed my back. They pain eventually went away. I fell asleep. Niall woke me and said we where gonna go home. I thought it was a relief. I missed home. I missed my friends and my bed. I wondered what we where gonna do with the blood stain. Niall helped me up and sat me down in a wheel chair. I held the baby in my arms as i was wheeled to my car Harry hhad drove. Jason and I sat in the back seat. Niall and Harry where in the front. Jason was asleep. he was so cute. He didnt have any hair. but his cheeks where big. Like a squirles when it has nuts in its mouth. But this was a diffrent kind of cute. It was an 'Oh my gosh this is my baby' kind of cute. we arrived home. I walked inside with Niall and the baby behind me. I felr relieved as I walked into my living room. I sat on the couch. Niall handed me the baby. Then he went into our room. I knew what he was doing. we hadnt gotten the babys suff up yet, The crib was the only thing that was up. we needed the dipper changing thing up. Niall and I didnt want to wake the baby. I took so many pictures of Jason and put them on twitter and Facebook. I coldnt help it I sent them to al the people in my contacts. Harry walked into the living room. "can I hold him?" he asked. I almost hessitated. But I let him. I didnt want to let my son go even to my best friend. Harry just held him and smiled. I watched til i fell asleep

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