There Is A reason for everything

Hannah and Niall have been dating for a while. In the last story, Everything happens for a reason, You learn that Niall is going to ask Hannah to marry her. (BTW dont read this untill you read the other one first) But if she says yes would something stand in ther way? What if she says no? Would he fight for her or would he walk away?
P.S. Hope you like it!! :)


10. the 12th.

Nialls POV: I woke up and got ready quickly. I woke Hannah up to tell her good bye. "Babe I have to go. Ill be back in 3 hours." I said kissing her an dher belly. "I love you too. Be safe." She siad. falling back asleep. I rushed out the door. I has a cup of water in my hand. Some spilled out of the cup. I didnt think much of it. I ran to the van where the boys waited for me. "Ready?" Paul asked. ''yea lets go." I said. we drove to the interview with small talk inbetween.

Hannahs POV: An hour after Niall left for the interview I got up to get a drink. I walked out of my room to the kitchen. Just reaching the end of the hallway I slipped on a puddle of water. I landed on my back. I couldnt get up. My water broke. I had so much pain going throughout my body I couldnt even scream for help. I just layed there crying from the pain. I finally hit the part in labor where the contractions where a few minuets apart. Not 10 like normal people it was litteraly 2 minuets apart. I tried breathing normaly and tried to take the pain. I couldnt. I finally screamed for help but no one heard me. "oh my gosh im going to have my baby on this dirty floor. Alone" I said to myself. the word 'alone' was the scariest part of that sentence. I cried for my baby and myself. From the pain and my thoughts. The pain felt like someone had stabbed my in my back and ripped out my spine. I had to move I had to get the phone. I had to call someone. I moved an inch. The pain got worse. I couldnt move anymore. My legs where in the view of the door. I hoped someone would see them and help me.

Nialls POV: We got to the interview an hour later. "For the Directioners out there. Here is One Direction!" I heard then we ran out onto the stage. "Hey guys!" The interviewer said. "Hey" We siad back. "Im Billy you guys can call me Bill." He said. "Ok Niall Everyone likes to ask you questions about your wife. Hannah. Well now you guys are going to have a baby. The due date is in two weeks exactly. I hear your having a boy. what are you going to name him?" Bill asked. I thought a little bit. "I always wanted to name my son after me. But Hannah had a Uncle. His name was Jason. She always wanted to name her son that. So I think when we see him we will decide for sure." I said. "Why dont you name him Louis." Louis asked. I laughed. "Louis not everyone can be named after you." i said. "What about Liam?" Harry asked. "I like the name liam" Liam said laughing. "We cant name him that." I said. They all looked at me. "why" Zayn asked. "Because she has a brother named Liam" I said. "Oh. Well then I win either way Louis." Liam said. "Win what?" I asked. "We had a bet. We where going to try to get one of your guys family or childeren to be named Liam or Louis" Liam said. I laughed.

*1 hour later*

we where driving home. i couldn wait to see Hannah.  "So Niall. You keeping Hannah safe?" Paul asked. Which was normal because every time we saw each other he asked that. "Paul why wouldnt I keep her safe." I said. We made it to the drive way. We got out and went inside. I was first through the doors. I look ahead and see legs. I ran to them. Hannah was laying there. "Oh my gosh. Hannah?" I said. bending down helping her. "Niall. Im in labor." she screamed. "Harry! Louis! Zayn! Liam!" I yelled. they ran to us. "Oh my gosh. Hannah!?" Harry yelled. "Louis get towels. Zayn get hot and cold water with rags. Umm Liam get some umm oh god. Do something! Harry help me get Hannah into our room and lay her on the bed." I panicked. I had seen so many shows about birth, I thought  was doing the right thing. "Liamk call 911!" I yelled. Harry and I got to the room and layed her on the bed. The baby was visible. Hannah was going to have our baby right now. "Louis layed towels down on the bed. Zayn brought me the water and cloths. Liam called 911. "Harry get to her heag and put pillows under it and hold her hand. Coach her." I said. "I dont know how to coach people." He said. "Just do it." I said. He put the pillows under her head an held her hand. "Ok Liam what are they sainf for me to do?" I asked. "She needs to push." Liam said. "Ok Hannah you can do it. Just push ok." She did.

Hannah POV: I push as hard as I could. It hurt. Harry was coaching me. "Your doing fine Hannah. Keep pushing" He said. The pain was unbareble. "It hurts!" I yelled. I screamed so much. i cried. I think harry did too because I waas squeezing his hand so hard. Twelve hour later Niall finally told me to push One more time. "Niall I cant." I said. "You have to come one babe." He said. I did. I pushed harder than I ever did before. I heard a pop then a cry. Niall held the baby in his hands. "Oh my gosh. This is our baby." He said. I hadnt seen him yet. "Ok Niall get a sting." Liam said. Harry got it for Niall."Tie it around the middle area of the cord." Niall did. And before we knew it the cord was cut. Niall put a towel around the baby. Then he walked over to where i could see him. He handed the baby to me. He had blue eyes. His daddys nose. "Oh my goodness Niall. What are we going to name him?" I asked. "He looks like a jason." Niall said. I looked at him. "Niall are you serious? We can name him jason?" "Yes. I think we just did." Niall said. I looked at the beautiful baby in my arms. Before we knew it the ambulace was there. They checked us both out. "You did good Niall." one of them said to Niall. Then he said the same to the rest of the boys. "You did the hardest part though" He said to me. We got into the ambulace and drove to the hospitial.

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