There Is A reason for everything

Hannah and Niall have been dating for a while. In the last story, Everything happens for a reason, You learn that Niall is going to ask Hannah to marry her. (BTW dont read this untill you read the other one first) But if she says yes would something stand in ther way? What if she says no? Would he fight for her or would he walk away?
P.S. Hope you like it!! :)


3. night fall

Hannahs POV: I was smiling. I saw Niall look at me strangely. Emma saw too. "What are you smiling at?" She asked. "You. I am smiling at you. Yous so beautiful Emma. You know that? I know that you said I deserve to suffer before death You wouldnt get it. I have a perfect life. So much problems from the past maybe. But now I have a perfect life. Even now in this cave about to die. Im saved. God will take me and giveme wings. Ill be happy up there. Even if I am not here. You can try but youcant wipe thed smile off my face." Ema looked odd. As if she didnt get what I was saying. I looked to Niall. He was looking into the fire. 'Oi have the best friends, the best dad, The best mom, I have the best boyfriend in the world. They all love me. I love them. Even if we die today, we will be happy. No matter how much you hurt us now we will be happy later." She looked like she understood the better. she pointed the gun to Louis. "Get the food over there." He did so. She handed out food to everyone but me. She ate. "If you dont eat ill kill her!" She said pointing the gun at me. They did. I saw Niall put a pice of bread in his pocket. Then he looked to me. I smiled.

Naills POV: Emma orderd us to go to bed. "Can I sleep by Hannah?' I asked. "Whatever." Emma said. She laid down on her cot. "Oh I almost forgot. harry blankets are over there. Give them to everyone exept the love birds. Since Niall wants to be with her they can freeze tonight." She said. Harry did as he was told. Hannah and I faced each other. she was scared. I knew she was. I also knew what she said earlier was true. Thats how she felt. But i knew she was scared of death. She told me once. When we first stared dating. I held her hands close to my heart. I looked into her eyes. They where as blue as a clear lake. I kissed her nose. We didnt dare to speak untill Emma was asleep. hen she finally went to bed, I told Hannah i loved her a million times. I felt the ring in my pocket. If we where gonna die I wanted to die as and engaged couple. I pulled it out of my pocket. "Hannah Marie. Will you marry me?" She looked at it and smiled. "Yes." she stared to cry a little. She didnt cry loud though. She put the ring on her finger. "Babe dont show that to Emma. She will hurt you and me for sure." She put it in her Pocket. "Its perfect Niall. I love it. I love you so much more though." Then she kissed me. I felt her shiver.I felt so bad. "Hannah here.' I said as i pulled the pice of bread out of my pocket. She looked at it. "I cant. She will find out." "Take it" I said. she did and she ate. When she was done I wrapped my arems around her body. I took my dress jacket off and covored her up. She got really close to me. she face went into my neck I felt her breath get slower and slower. She fell asleep. I kissed her head. soon after I fell asleep.

The next morning. I woke before everone else. I realized Emma would kill us if hse knew i used my jacket a a blanket for Hannah. I woke Hannah. "Ok Hannah. Ill save you food every day. we will sleep together and use my jacket to keep warm. But we have to get up early to uncovor ourselfs so she wont hurt us." Hannah understood. I put the jacket back on. I felt bad because I was warm and Hannah wasnt. I tried to keep her warm soon we fell asleep again. Emma woke me up again and told me to go by Paul again. he had a stick in her hand. "What will you do to her?" I asked. But Ema just pointed to Paul. Emma brought the stick back and hit hannah in the thigh. Hannah jumped up. emma didnt stop till she saw blood. Paul held me back. "Dont son. she will only hurt her worse." He said. When Emma was done. She left Hannah on the floor of the cave. Cold and bloody. Hannah looked to me and smiled. She was in pain yet she still smiled. She had tears going down her face. Yet she still smiled. She was so stonge. Shtongest person I knew.

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