There Is A reason for everything

Hannah and Niall have been dating for a while. In the last story, Everything happens for a reason, You learn that Niall is going to ask Hannah to marry her. (BTW dont read this untill you read the other one first) But if she says yes would something stand in ther way? What if she says no? Would he fight for her or would he walk away?
P.S. Hope you like it!! :)


12. Engaged? REALLY?

Harrys POV: I held Jason in my arms. I was so happy. I couldnt wait till Chelo and I had our baby. I remembered I hadnt told Hannah that Chelo said yes to me. I turned my head so quickly I looked at Hannah. She was asleep. I was a little disapointed. She was my best friend that was a girl. I couldnt help but want to tell her everything about my relationship and my baby. Jason started to cry. Hannah woke up almost instently. She reached for Jason. I gave him to her. He stopped crying in seconds. Niall walked into the room. "everything is done. Do you want me to put him in there for you?" Ha asked Hannah. She handed Jason to him. Then Niall left. Hannah and I sat in silence for a while. "Hannah? do you remember when I told you that i was going to ask Chelo to marry me? Well I did and she said yes!" I was so exited. "Oh my gosh Harry thats so awesome! When Is the wedding?" She asked. "We are still working out the plans but ill let you know." She smiled and nodded. I could see the exostion in her eyes. "You need to get some sleep Hannah." I said. "Ill be fine. I need to get use to this. Plus I think Niall and i have to get a new mattress." She said. "You can go to sleep in my room and I will go with Niall." I said. She disagreed. I didnt know why. she got up and went into the bathroom. Niall walked into the living room. "Hey Harry." Niall said. "Hey are you and Hannah gonna go get a new mattress?" I asked. "Yea but not today. Its getting late and Hannah is tired. I know she doesnt want to sleepp but she will. I just dont know when." Niall said. we sat in silence from then on.

Nialls POV: Harry and I sat in the living room waiting on Hannah. When she finally walked out of the bathroom she looked so much more tired. "Babe maybe you should go to sleep. We will get a new mattress tomorrow. But for tonight we can just flip the old one over." I said. She noded. Harry helped me flip the mattress over. When we got the  new sheets and blanckets on it Hannah didnt hessitate to get into bed and sleep. She had a hard time sleeping though. She was always like that. Harry and I sat in the room with her. Talking. She just couldnt sleep. So we started to sing. It tookawhile but she went to sleep. I left the room with Harry and went into the kitchen with the boys. We all sat down at the table. Liam made some food for us and Louis, Zayn, and his Girlfriends. We all at and talked quietly. "So Niall tell me. How is Jason so far? I mean you finally have him in the world." Elonour said. "Well he is perfect. He is always sleeping and so beautiful. I love him to death!" I said. Danielle looked up at me. "Aren't  babys like, loud?" she asked. We all laughed. "We have only had him for like a day Dani." Jason started to cry. I got up to go get him. Suddenly he stopped crying. I went into the room to see if Hannah got him or not. She did. I went over to her. She looked so beautiful holding him. "Isnt he beautiful. Our baby. Ours. I am so happy to be with you Niall." She said. She looked back at me and smiled. "I am happy to be with you too. I love you so much Hannah." I said. she kissed me. "Dani, El,and perrie are in the dinning room. You wanna say hello to them?" "Yea." She said. We walked out into the dinningroom with Jason. "Hey guys sorry I am not dressed properly." Hannah laughed. "Hey Hannah. Is this Jason?" Perrie asked. "Yea wanna hold him?" She asked. Perrie held her hands out. Hannah laid him into her arms. Soon it was getting really late. Hannah and Jason went to bed. So did everyone else. I was sitting alone in the livingroom waching the telly. I fell asleep a little past 12. I dreamed that Hannah, Jason and I were living in our own home. Jason grew older with a few little siblings. Everything was perfect. Everything was always perfect.

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