There Is A reason for everything

Hannah and Niall have been dating for a while. In the last story, Everything happens for a reason, You learn that Niall is going to ask Hannah to marry her. (BTW dont read this untill you read the other one first) But if she says yes would something stand in ther way? What if she says no? Would he fight for her or would he walk away?
P.S. Hope you like it!! :)


1. chapter 1 of Part 2

Harrys POV: He pulled out a ring and said. "Im gonna ask her to marry me." My first thought was 'When did he have the time to buy that' I thought better of it and asked diffrent questions. "Its so beautiful. When are you gonna go it?" I asked. He just smiled. "Thats my little secret." We went back into the room. Hannah had fallen asleep. I wondered if she was still taking the meds they gave her at the hospitial. Niall walked over and kissed her cheek. Then he coverd her up. I wished I was in a relationship. I was so happy for them though. Niall sat at her side of the bed and just looked at her. As if he had been trying to paint a mental picture of her.

Nialls POV: She was asleep. she was unaware of what lied ahead. Our life together. If she said yes. Harry asked a good question. When was I going to ask her? I didnt want it to be in frount of anyone other than friends and her and my parents. I had to talk to Paul before I did it though. It only seemed right. Only seemed human. I got up and looked at Harry. His gentle eyes told me it was ok. That whatever I had to do, he would keep my princess safe. "I have to go talk to Paul. would you make sure she doesnt come looking for us." He noded. I walked out the door. I ran to Pauls room. I knocked on the door nervously. He answered. He looked angry when he saw me. "can I come in?" I asked. He let me in. "Paul. Hannah is in our room asleep. I told her everything." I was scared. "She gave you another chance." I noded. He turned arounf. Ovbiously hiding his anger. "I had a question for you. Its important." i said. "yea what is it Niall?" He turned around. He still had anger in his eyes. "Paul, I love Hannah very much. She is my everything. She is the most beautiful person in the world. And since you are her father. I was wondering," I hesitated. "I want to ask Hannah to marry me." I finally blurted out. He looked surprised. The anger and hate left his eyes. "What are you asking me?" He asked. "I was wondering if you aproved. Because if you didnt I would stop everything. Its important that her parents approve." I said. "I think that no one else could be more perfect for Hannah. But im not her father. i just found out about her, what? Six months ago? I havent been there for her." He said. Sadness formed on his face. "Paul. You are her father. I dont think she actually likes her dad. I dont even hear abut him." As i was saying that I saw a magazine. the topnews was. 'NIALL HORAN CHEATS ON HIS GIRLFRIEND HANNAH DRAPER" I felt ashamed, like I wasnt good enough. "I approve Niall go ask her mom though. She has a say too." I smiled. I didnt care what people said about me. I loved Hannah with all my heart. She loved me too. I thanked him and ran out of the room. I walk into my room. Hannah was still asleep. Harry was too. I was a little sleepy aswell but I knew this was my chance to call Hannahs mom. I took her number out of Hannahs phone and walked into the hall. "Hello? Who is this?" He mother asked. "Hey its Niall. Im your daughters Boyfriend." I said. "Oh Niall! How are you?" "I hope ill be a lot better after this call. I had a question actually." I saw nervously. "Yea Niall?" "well I love you daughter very much. I was wondering if I could ask her to marry me?" She didnt speak for a while. "I heard you kissed your old girl friend at a party. Does Hannah know about it?" "Yes she does. And she forgave me." again no responce. "i like you Niall I really do. I think your so sweet to my little girl. Keep her safe. Ill let you do it. Just keep her safe and Happy" I was so happy. "Thank you so much! Ill tell you if she says yes." "Go get her Niall. I have to go bye" We hung up. I knew she would say yes. I was so exited. I loved her. with all my heart. I hope she felt the same way.

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