There Is A reason for everything

Hannah and Niall have been dating for a while. In the last story, Everything happens for a reason, You learn that Niall is going to ask Hannah to marry her. (BTW dont read this untill you read the other one first) But if she says yes would something stand in ther way? What if she says no? Would he fight for her or would he walk away?
P.S. Hope you like it!! :)


9. 7 months later

Hannahs POV: My baby bump started showing a few months ago. I have insain morning sickness. Whoever started calling it morning sickness was wrong! it goes all day! They found Emma. She had a daughter. Hailiey. She is in a foster family. Only 1 month old. I felt bad for her. I was asleep when Harry came in to my room. "Oh my gosh!! Niall! Hannah!! Wake up you will be late!" He yelled. Niall and I had an apointment to find out the sex of the baby. "Im up im up." I said. "What time is it?" Niall asked. "Its time to go!" I said While Harry was helping me out of bed. I got dress. So did Niall. We drove to the doctors office.They put me on the machine.  "You want to know the sex of the baby?" The doctor asked. "Yes please." I said. "Congrats its a boy." She said. I bursted with joy. I was smiling the whole ride home. Niall was too. We walked into the house. The boys where at the table smiling. "so?" Louis said. "Its a boy!" I yelled. Harry was the first to get up and hug us. Then Louis,Zayn, and Liam. I was so exited. I called everyone I knew. i started Dinner. My back was killing me. "oh my.." I said.Niall was in the shower at the time. It was just me and Harry. "You ok?" He asked. "Yea its just my back." I said "well sit down ill finish dinner." He helped me sit down. "Thanks Harry." I said. "You know I have been dating Chelo for a while. I love her to death. She is going to have my baby." I wasnt that shocked at the news. "Oh my gosh Congrats Harry!" I said. He smiled. "im going to ask her to marry me." "OMG congrats!" I said. HE smiled. His cheeks where red. Niall walked out of the bathroom. He walked over to me and kissed my belly. "Love you baby." He wispered. Then he looked up at me. "I love you too." Then he kissed me. I smiled. I got up and went to the bathroom.

 Nialls POV: I hellped Hannah up. Even thought her belly wasnt that big, she had a lot of pain so us boys helped her around."So. What is for supper?" I asked. "soup." Harry said. We had been havinf soup for the past few weeks. Hanna couldnt take anything else. We tried everything we could but soup seemed to be all she could eat without throwing it up. Hannah got out of the bathroom "Ill take over that Harry." She said. He let her. He walked out of the room. "Babe. I love you." I said. I couldnt help but say it all the time. She was so beautiful. She was having my baby. She smiled. "I love you too." She turned the stove off. "Soups done." She put exactly two scoops into everyones bowl. She aways did that. I called the boys to the table. we sat there in silence, I wasnt exatly sure why though. "We have a inteveiw in a few weeks. The 12th of next month." I said. Hannah looked at me. "My due date is a few days after that. Niall." He pregnancy hormons where crazy latley. "I know. It will be ok Hannah. You wont have the baby on the 12th." I said. She looked at me with so much anger. "Niall you never know." She said. She got up and went into the room. Slamed the door shut. The boys looked at me. "Smooth." Louis said. "Dude im sorry but that was kinda funny." liam said. "Guys. She just doesnt want to go into labor without someone here." I said. "Yea but dont you think she is over reacting?" Zayn asked. "No." I answered. "guys les drop it. Niall you should go talk to her." Harry said. "I guess your right." I said getting up and going to tthe room. The door was locked. I knocked. "Hannah baby Please open the door." I said softly. She did. I walked in after her. "Im sorry. I was so stupid. I wasnt thinking." I said. "You dont have anything to be sorry about. I over reacted. You have to go to that interview. I will be fine." She said. "You sure?" I asked. "Yea. Im tired right now so im going to go to bed." She said covering up. "I love you." I said. "i love you more." She replied. "I doubt that" I laughed. after that she fell asleep. I walked into the dinning area. I sat down and finished my food with the boys.

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