Skyler and her best friend Kalli have been best friends since Skyler met Kalli on a app called "Kik". They both have a strong love for the band One Direction. These 2 teenage girls fall madly in love with 3 of the boys.. wait.. 3?


2. Shopping Spree

Why are y'all ignoring us?? 


~Kalli's P.O.V~

 I woke up to Sky squirting water at me. I open my eye and i send her a death glare.

"You wouldn't wake up!" she says holding her hands up in defense.

"Yeah cause i was dreaming that Niall and Zayn were... you don't want to know what happened." I tell her

"yea.. probably not.. anyways get dressed we goin shoppinnn!!!" she yells in a squeaky voice.

"What time is it?" I ask her pulling the covers over my face.

"7:23 now hurry we have to get to the mall by 8:00 before all the good things are gone!" she says yanking the covers off of me. "They're having a 50% off everything sell!" she yells getting dressed in a red spaghetti strap top with sparkles all over it, some short shorts with the British flag print on them, and blue converse.

"Are we going British on this shit?" i ask her getting up from the bed.

"No, I just love these shorts." she says plugging in her curling iron.

"Otay... so ima gon' save the dress for tomorrow." I tell her.

I change into my short shorts and tank top and look for my snap back and Jordan's. I look under my bed and under Sky's bed. "Boo have you see--" "In the bathroom." she interrupts me. I go into the bathroom and find them there. "Thanks" I yell. and fix me hair. I brush my teeth and find the money and my ID.

"Boobear? How much money are we gonna use?" i ask her. "Cause we need a limit so we don't spend it all."

"200 each." "Hey do you know where my suspenders are??" she asks me looking worried.

"No... wait where are mine???" i say freaking out.

"Here they are!!" she says pulling them out of a drawer putting hers on and handing me mine. "Otay I finished my hair and its.. 7:54. Lets go call a cab and get goin!" she yells overly exited.

"Wait!!! I'm not ready yet!!! Let me channel my inner Lou." i tell her closing my eyes and breathing deeply.

"SUPPAA MANNNN!!!!!" she yells picking me up on her back and carrying me down stairs and into the cab. "Here I got your phone for you, and heres your half of the money." she says while paying the cab driver.

"Why tank chu!" I tell her.

"Where to?" the cab driver asks.

"Ummm the nearest mall please." I tell him.

"Boo!!!" I whisper in her ear. "Doesn't he kinda look like Niall???" i ask her.

"He's fat and has no hair." she says. "Not really Kallifornia!" she says patting my head.

I give her my best puppy dog face and say "I prefer Kalli bear then Kallifornia... and chu no this too."

"Here we are." the cab driver says.

We pay him and say "Thanks." We go into the mall and get some coffee to wake us up a little more.

"Otay, so I wanna go in Hollister first!" she says bouncing up and down almost spilling her coffee.

"Otay... but i want to go to Forever 21 first." I tell her give her my puppy dog eyes.

"Ughh fineeee but Hollister next." she says.

"Yay!!!" I yell jumping on her back and giving her a sloppy kiss on the cheek. "I LOVE YOU!!!" I say.

"I love you too Kalli Bear!!" she yells as people walk by giving us weird looks. "What are you looking at?!" she yells/asking the people staring while jerking at them. "Yea that's right just keep walkin." she says walking like a gangster muppet.

"Stop I'm going to fall." I say while laughing.

"Haha ok!" she says and She dropped me on the floor of Forever 21 and ran to look through all the clothes.

"Well otay then!!" I yell at her.

I go to look thru close and find a really cute dress. "Sky!!  Sky!!! Skyler boo, where are you???" I yell.

"I'm right here Kalli Bear!!" she yells raising her hands waving them so  I could see her a few aisles away. "Look I found all these cute short shorts and tops! and these cute toms!!" she yells in a high pitched voice.

"Oh me carrots!!! Look at this dress!!! We need to go to the fitting rooms!!!" i yell at her.

We go to the fitting rooms and try on the dress. It fits me perfectly and is really short.

"Skyler boo, do i look slutty in this?" i ask her.

"No!" she says. "You look gorgeous!" she yells a little over dramatic.

"Why tank chu!!!" i say. "Ima gonna buy it." i tell her and take it off.

"I'm gonna go pay for all this stuff" she says trying not to drop everything.

"Your barely gonna have enough money left if chu buy all that." I tell her getting beside her with the dress.

'I have 96$ left.. I can handle it". she says mocking Jayden Smith in the song Never Say Never by Justin Bieber.

"As long as you don't ask me for money." I tell her.

"I brought extra for food.. I can spend that." she says putting all the stuff in her bag.

"Wa chu say?? All i heard was 'food'. Do you have food???" I ask her

"No sorry Kalli bear, but we can go get some!" she says pulling me torwards the food court.

"Yay!!!" I yell.

"PIZZA!!!!!" she yells running to the pizza place in the food court.

"Otay... bye." i say as she leaves.

I go to a random place and get my food. I sit down somewhere empty and start eating. Skyler comes by in a few minutes and sit down and starts eating her food. I look at the people walking by and I see someone who looks just like Niall and Louis.

"Sky!" I whisper but she doesn't look at me.

"Boobear!!!" I scream at her, and everybody hears it.

The guy who looks like Louis looks over like he's expecting me to say something. I wave a him and he starts walking over.

"Sky... that could be Louis." i tell her.

"Holy sh-" I cover her mouth before she can finish what she was about to say.

The guy gets here with his friend and i say "Hi." trying not to freak out.

"Hey, love. I'm Louis and this is Niall." Louis says.

"Louis? Niall? As in Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan?" I ask

"Yeah. So you two are fans?" he says.

"Yeah." I say nodding and look over at Sky who's staring at Louis crotch. I kick her under the table.

"Ow!" she yells out making the boys stare at her.

"Are you okay love?" Louis asks her.

"Yea I'm fine.." she says blushing pretty dark.

"Well that's good." he tells her.

"What are your names?" Niall asks us and i almost melt right then and there.

"Im Kalli and she's Skyler, or Boobear as i like to call her." i tell him.

"Pretty name.. for a pretty girl." Niall says while winking at me.

I giggle and say "Thanks."

"Wait. So when you yelled out 'Boobear' you weren't calling me" Louis says hurt.

"Well yes and no." i tell him.

"Explain please." he says sitting down looking confused.

"Well no cause it's her nickname. And yes because i was wondering if it really was you." i tell him.

"Oh that makes me feel better." Louis says.

We all laugh and Niall trys to steal my food. I slap his hand away and say "What do you think you're doing?"

"It's no use Niall.. she'll kill you before you get a chance to even look at her food." she says rolling her eyes.

"Niall's just like that." Louis says.

"She got it from him." "You guys made her insane." she says to Louis. "OH MY KEVIN HE HAS CARROTS!!" as if on cue Skyler and Louis yell at the same time while taking a few of the young boys carrots.

"I'm not the only one that went insane." I say to Niall.

I give him one of my fries and Skyler gasps.

"Kalli.. ar- are you sick?!" she asks feeling my face to see if I have a fever.

"No. I'm fine." I tell her moving her hand away.

"Then how come you've never shared with me before???" she asks dramatically.

"Cause you're always trying to steal it instead of asking." i tell her. "And whenever you ask it's when i didn't eat breakfast and I'm starving." i cut her off before she can say anything.

"Well then." she says.

"Thank you love." Niall says taking some more fries and my jaw drops.

"Bu-bu-but y-you can't do that." I tell him.

"Yes I can." he says smiling.

"Nuh uh!!!" i yell.

"You're childish." he says.

"Tank chu. I twy vewy hard to kweep it in, bu it alwaysh come out." I tell him in my 5 year old voice.

"Kalli bear?" Sky says.

"Yeah?" I answer.

"Shut up." she says.

I take the last bite of my food, get up, and leave dramatically. I go into a random store that happens to be a candy store and freeze when I look inside. Niall comes in after me and freezes right beside me. Skyler and Louis walk in and the look at us like we're crazy.

In sync we drop to our knees and say "We are not worthy. We are not worthy." when a person who works there comes up to us.

"Sorry for them." Skyler says to her.

"Oh it's okay. I get the same reaction from little kids." she says.

"Okay, well I'll let you deal with them cause they're not going to get up if we tell them to." Sky says.

"I allow you to enter the Candy Castle. You may get up know." she tells us and we get up and run to the chocolate section.

We get a bag to share our chocolate and run from one side to the other and then back to the other side and we keep going. We try some samples and keep walking. We see a giant chocolate fountain and our mouths drop. We see some cups and grab one and fill them up with chocolate. We find lids and straws and start sipping away. We go to another section and get more candy. We end up practically getting the whole entire store and we get another cup of chocolate. Niall pays for it all ignoring my protests. 

"It took you two long enough." Sky says when we walk out.

"I hope you two get sick." Louis says.

"We will." We both say at the same time and laugh. 

Me and Sky split up and go to different store. I go with Niall to JCPenny's while Skyler goes with Louis to Hollister. I grab a lot of clothes and try them on. I end up buying only a few things because of the prices. We go to a few more stores until Niall get a call from Liam telling him he has to go.

We meet up with Skyler and Louis outside by the cabs and say our good bye's. Niall kisses me on my cheek and gives me a long hug. When we get into our cab i melt into the seat. I realize its already night outside and im really tired.

We get to the hotel and I run to the shower first. I get out out 10 minutes later and change into my jammies. I brush my teeth and go to my bed. Sky gets in the bathroom and i fall asleep.

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