Skyler and her best friend Kalli have been best friends since Skyler met Kalli on a app called "Kik". They both have a strong love for the band One Direction. These 2 teenage girls fall madly in love with 3 of the boys.. wait.. 3?


1. First Day Of Tour

 ~Skylers P.O.V~

 I'm sitting in the taxi thinking about my favorite band, One Direction, when Kalli interrupts my thoughts squealing telling me to look at how pretty the hotel is. "Oh.. My.. Carrots.." I say shocked and amazed. "That'll be 70$" the man that drove us here says. I turn and pay him and thanking him. Kalli walks in our room and runs straight to the mirror and fixes her hair. She starts fixin' her makeup and her hair because she fell asleep in the taxi. I got bored so I decided to start a twit cam.

 "Are you starting a twit cam???" Kalli asks from the mirror.

 "Yea hurry up and fix your face so you can be in it too" I say to her.

 "Are you saying im UGLY????" she asks dramatically, looking at me.

 "No, your eyeliner is smeared carrot face." I say smiling at the camera for I had already started the twit cam. "Hello all my little Kevin's out there watching!" I say to the people watching as Kalli fixes her eyeliner.

 "Carrot face... she calls me carrot face... shes the one calling people Kevin when its a pigeon... what if Kevin's watching... that would be cool..." she talks to herself while fixing her eyeliner.

 "I swear One Direction made her insane.." I say to the people watching. Kalli falls onto my lap pretending to die. "NO KALLI DON'T LEAVE ME!" STAY WITH ME!" OH WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE SO YOUNG LORD.. WHY?!!" I scream at the top of my lungs going along with her little act.

 "OH MY CARROTS!!!! I THINK I'M DEAF!!! WHY'D YOU YELL IN MY EAR????" she yells at me while sitting up.

 "I thought you were dead.. sorry Kalli.." I say fake crying.

 "Awwweee... I'm sawwy boo. I didn't mean it. I'm sawwy" she says pretending to cry and hugs me.

 So there we are hugging and fake crying in front of all the Kevin's on twit cam. Then we here a beep and look at the computer screen. "ooo we have a question!" I yell. "What are you guys favorite 1D member?" Kalli reads.

 "Mine is Louis." I say proudly.

 "Well, ummm... its a tough choice." Kalli says hesitantly.

 "She can't pick between Niall and Zayn." I yell to the kevins while brushing my teeth in the bathroom.

 "It's not that i can't pick..." she says "Its just... that..." she trys to find the correct word for it.

 "Just that you think the're both SOOO sexy and love them both oh so much??" I say annoying her.

 "Sky i love you but shut up." she says annoyed.

 "Haha ok Kalli bear!!" I say knowing that nick-name annoys her. "See what other questions the kevins have asked" I say trying not to spit tooth paste everywhere.

 "Well umm Anonymous asks us where we're going tomorrow." she says squinting at the screen "That or where we hide our orange turtles, I'm not sure."

 "Actually we're just goin to walk around town tomorrow, maybe you'll notice us there yea?" I say walking back over to Kalli. "and we hide our orange turtle in our underwear drawer." I say to the Anonymous person.

 "Why haven't i seen these orange turtles?" she asks me.

 "Because Toby ate them." I say to her. "Toby is our cat!" I say to the Kevin's. "He's a orange Tabby". I say.

 "Stupid cat... but i still love him. Where is he again?" she asks me.

 "Tobz! I call for the cat. He jumps on my lap and purrs as Kalli pets him. "Look at my handsome man" I say to the Kevin's.

 "Apparently Anonymous likes him too. He's is very chute" Kalli says using a Russian accent at the end.  

 "Hey Anonymous what's yo real name?" I ask with a ghetto.

 "Hey that's my thing!!!" Kalli says hitting my arm.

 "Dude!? That hurt!!! Sick 'em Toby!!" I say

 "Toby won't do anything to me. He loves me too much." she says while shrugging.

 "Oh yeah?" i say while smirking and throw the cat at her

 "You hurt Toby!!! And we're loosing viewers!!! This is all your fault!!!" she yells at me. "We need a make up song..." she says after a moment.

 "Shut up" I tell her.

 I go get my keyboard piano thingy and she gets her guitar and sit back down in front of the computer. 

 She starts playing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato and i play along

 "Putting my defenses up.

 Cause I don't want to fall in love." she starts.

 "If I ever did that,

 I think I'll have a heart attack." I join in.

 "Never put my love out on the line.

 Never said yes to the right guy.

 Never  had trouble getting what i want,

 but when it comes to you I'm never good enough.

 When I don't care,

 I can play 'em like a Ken doll.

 Won't wash my hair,

 then make them bounce like a basketball.

 But you make me want to act like a girl painting my nails and wear high heels.

Yes you make me so nervous and i just can't hold your hand." i let kalli take it from here since i can't reach the high notes.

 "You make me glo-o-o-o-o-ow,

 but a cover up won't let it sho-o-o-o-o-ow.

 So I'm putting my defenses up.

 Cause I don't want to fall in love.

 If i ever did that I think i'd have a heart atta-a-a-a-ack.

 I think i'd have a heart atta-a-a-a-ack.

 I think I'd have a heart attack."

 We finish the song and Kalli says "We're going to make a video soon for that song. So keep your eyes peeled for it." 

 "Ok." I say and start pulling on my eyelids.


 "Oh. I'm sorry Kalli bear!" i tell her.

 "Stop calling me that." she tells me and hugs me.

 "Kalli bear Kalli bear Kalli bear!" i say.

 "Boo if you don't stop Ima gon' leave and never come back." She says dramatically.

 "No Kalli!!! Don't leave me!!! I love you, don't go!!!" i yell at her hugging her tightly.

 "Otay. I won't go. I love chu too." she says. 

 We answer a few more questions before getting ready to sleep. We say good night to eachother and lay down in our separate beds. We go to sleep and hope we have enough money for tomorrow.

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