isabela was a regular teenage girl who lived in London, but she didn't think that was going to be hard. She hates her life. Her dad died about 3 years ago and she is now living with her mom who doesn't pay much attention to her. But she doesn't know that all of that is going to be changed by a little mistake. The next day she will find 5 boys that she never liked, in her room. Will she be able to get out or will never be able to see the sun again?


7. mine

*The next day*

Zayn’s POV

I have been thinking lately about what happen last night. I looked at her and saw why Harry wanted her. She was beautiful with an awesome body. But then I looked in her eyes and I felt sorrow. There something about her that made get a feeling. The feeling I have felt before, but it’s a little bit stronger. I think I, like her. But I can’t if the guys knew they would kill me knowing I would try to save her. I was sitting on the couch watching some cartoon when Liam came in. he sat right next to me putting his head in his hands. He looked like he didn’t get that much sleep. Then Harry came in, he saw me then Liam. Liam didn’t bother looking away from the TV knowing Harry was there. Harry went away to the kitchen, probably making some breakfast. Everyone was all quiet now, nobody barley talked. Louis and Harry talk to each other and Liam talks to Niall sometimes. I feel bad for Niall because he can’t choose between them. He doesn’t like taking sides. Lou came down and went straight to the kitchen. It got all quiet again other than Harry and Louis talking in the background. I heard shuffling coming from upstairs and thought about….wait a second I don’t know the girl’s name.

“Hey mate, do you know the girl’s name?”

“No sorry.”

Does anyone know her name? I got up to the kitchen and walked in.

“Hey guys do you know the girl’s name?”

“Um no.” “No”

Damn no one knows. I guess I should go wake her up since almost everyone else is up. I started going up the stairs when Niall was coming down.

“Hey man.”


He didn’t look ok. He looked like Liam. I’m guessing nobody got a lot of asleep. I got to her door and I put my hand on the handle. I heard more shuffling and wonder that she may already be awake. I opened slowly seeing her still in bed. I sat down on the bed and noticed she was crying and sweating. She was turning her head back and forth. She started say no then again a little bit louder. I went over to shake her then the next thing I knew my nose hurt like heck.

Isabela POV

“Hey wake up”

I heard someone talking then felt them shaking me. I opened my eyes and punched the person. They backed off and covered their nose. I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see Zayn. Darn I wanted it to be Harry.

“Why did you do that?”

“Sorry it’s was my reflex”

He was holding his nose like it was broken.

“I didn’t punch you that hard for your nose to be bleeding you big baby.”

He looked at his hand than rubbed the side of his nose. He came and sat at the end of the bed then looked at me. I’m guessing he hates me for doing that.


“It’s aright”

He said in a soft voice. He isn’t mad at me? When I accidentally did that to Chayse she was all pissed.

“So why were you waking me up?”

“Well you were having a bad dream?”

Damn he came in when I was having that same dream. I looked down at my hands not wanting to say nothing about it. Zayn was quiet so looked up. He was looking at me with a questioned look.

“What were you dreaming about?”

I didn’t want to tell him. But he is probably going to find out later.

“It’s about my dad.”


Harry POV

“So when do you want to do it?”

“How about tonight?”

Me and Lou having been talking about when we going to fun with the chick upstairs. Liam and Niall have been in the living room watching TV. I think Zayn is with them but I haven’t been in there for awhile.

“How are we going to do it?”

Lou asked me and I started to think how we are going to do it. Maybe it can just be me tonight.

“How about I go first tonight then you tomorrow?”

“But I thought we were going to do it together?”

“Ya but I want her for myself tonight.”

I smirked at the thought of her being mine.







*hey sorry I haven’t been on here for awhile. I have been really busy with school.*


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