isabela was a regular teenage girl who lived in London, but she didn't think that was going to be hard. She hates her life. Her dad died about 3 years ago and she is now living with her mom who doesn't pay much attention to her. But she doesn't know that all of that is going to be changed by a little mistake. The next day she will find 5 boys that she never liked, in her room. Will she be able to get out or will never be able to see the sun again?


2. aw crap


“Omg finally!”

I say as I run out of my last period. I go down to my locker to meet Chayse. She is already on her phone leaning against the locker. She can’t go anywhere without her baby, meaning phone.

“Hey, chicka”

“Oh, hey Izzy. So what are we going to be doing at your house?”

“Well, my mom got mad at me this morning, again. So, I’m sorry.”

“Oh it’s ok. Is she always like this?”

“Ya, I wished she was more like my dad.”

Chayse understands everything about me. From when we first met, when the first breakup was, when my dad died, to now. She has met my mom, but when it happened my mom wasn't really paying that much attention like always.

“So I guess I’ll text you”

I hate doing this to her. Being really excited to come to my house then have my “ass” mom ruin it all.

“Ya, well I’ll see you on Monday.”

I say to her as I close my locker. I watch her as she walks down the large hallways. Then she turns a corner and she’s gone. I take a deep breath and start to head to the doors at the other end.

       I turn on the street to my house and see all the familiar houses. It was quiet like usually, it has old house. Small neighborhood with old people. I keep walking when I see the street that has my house is on. Then I see my mom’s car parked in the driveway. I’m so mad at her right now that I don’t want to see her. So I go on another street to get stuff thou my head. I got my phone out and put on some music. I didn't really care if it bothered people. It’s my music so deal with it. It was getting kinda of dark so I went on another road to my house. Then I noticed I didn't know this street. I start to panic because it was getting really dark. Then like magic, I got the idea to turn around. Man, sometimes I think I’m a blond under this brown hair. So I turned to find a black van right in front of me. Now is the time to panic. I turned around the other way as quick as I could and started to fast walk. I heard the van pick up speed so a ran. I turned on a street that looks familiar. I saw my house and didn't think that it would be last time I did. The van came right in front of me as it turned the corner. I tried to stop myself from running in to it, but the door opened just in time to let me in. I was hit in head with something as I went down to the floor of the car. Everything was going black and the only thing in mind was:








*hi there isabela here. OK listen i can only publish on Mondays and Tuesday because i have no WiFi at my house so i have to come to the public library. and there only open late on those days. Tuesdays will be my lucky days if i don't have a lot of homework. so sorry if i miss them:( thank you for reading my fic. it mean so much to me. to next time:p

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