isabela was a regular teenage girl who lived in London, but she didn't think that was going to be hard. She hates her life. Her dad died about 3 years ago and she is now living with her mom who doesn't pay much attention to her. But she doesn't know that all of that is going to be changed by a little mistake. The next day she will find 5 boys that she never liked, in her room. Will she be able to get out or will never be able to see the sun again?


5. all i want to do

I heard shuffling behind me. I turn to see Liam rushing to the kitchen. He burst thru the door looking like he is about to kill someone. Uh oh. I got up and ran to the door. I open it and look around when my eyes fell on Louis pined to the ground by Liam. Liam was throwing punches at Louis face. I gasped at the site. Harry and Zayn were trying to pull Liam off and Niall was trying to get Louis.


Liam just kept yelling and punching. I never thought he could be like this. All my friends say he is the sweetheart and gentle one. This is a whole different side of him. At first I trusted him a little, but I was wrong. I don’t know if can ever come near him again. I had to do something to stop this. I can’t handle seeing Louis getting punched the living shit out of him.


They didn’t stop.


They still didn’t stop. Ughh why do guys have to be like this, trying to be the top dog. Then I had the perfect idea. I went to the cabinet looking for a frying pan. Oh this is going to be good. I found a small one; it was light enough for me to swing. I got back to the boys and stared at them for awhile. Then Harry, Zayn, and Niall got up and backed up to take a break. Now was my chance. I ran up to Liam and took a swing, but I made sure that it wasn’t that hard to really hurt him.



He is probably going to feel that later. Liam backed up from Louis while both hands behind his head. I’m trying so hard not to laugh and keep a straight face.

“Why the fuck did you do that?!!”

“Because I can’t handle this anymore!!”

I then dropped the pan as I saw Liam face losing up. His eyes turned black back to that light brown. I can see he got all concerned about me. Why? Why did this have to be me? This just reminded me of my father and how he always wanted me to be okay. My eyes suddenly got blurry with the tears coming to view. Louis was being helped from the ground by Niall, but no one eyes left me. Liam started to walk to me and I knew he was going to try to comfort me. 

“Look, I’m sorry I – “

“No, stay away.”

Liam stopped with my words. I can see he was hurt by this.



I ran out the door with waterfalls coming out of my eyes. I ran up the stairs into the room I was suppose to stay in. I slammed the door and ran to the bed. I can’t believe he had the nerve to call me that. It just reminded me of all the times my dad will come and comfort me with those words.

Out of the people in the world it had to be him to say that to me. I hugged my knees and cried for what it felt like forever. I cried for my dad and for my life. I don’t know how Liam is going to act around me now. I don’t know if he is going to be all sorry or really mean. From what I seen, it looks like he could break in a blink. I got scared, thinking about what Liam can do to me. I shook myself out of the terrible thought and back to the dark room. I was so up in my mind that a didn’t hear the yelling coming from down stairs. They were yelling back and forth over me saying how they need to get rid of me and that they wanted to keep me. I started to cry more thinking about what they’re going to do with me. Then I remembered that whenever I needed my dad or need happy memories, sing my song. And so I started…


Zany’s POV

“We can’t keep her here!!”

“Yes we can! We will do what we want to do with her then we can let her go.”

“But then she will call the cops, she knows who we are!”

They have been going back and forth just like this. Harry and Lou want her here while Liam and part of Niall want to let her go. For me I was up for it, I mean after me and Perrie broke up I been real bummed about the whole relationship. And I have been looking for some fun again, but when I saw the girl, I could see something missing from her. Like she isn’t complete, like she lost someone she loved. I wonder about her a lot ever seens she came in this house. But now after the drama that happen in the kitchen today, I wonder what ticked her off. Liam just called her love, that’s all.

“Come on Liam; have fun for once in a while?”

“No! It’s cruel to do that kind of stuff to an innocent girl!”

That’s it I had enough of this. I got up from the couch and walked out of the living room. I walked to the stairs and started go up. I was trying to be quiet so the boys won’t know I’m gone. I got to the top of the stairs when I heard a small voice. It was smooth and sweet.

“Let us die young or let us live forever…we don’t have the power but we never say never…”

It’s her, she was singing. Man she sings so beautiful, it’s like an angel.

“Life is a short trip...The music is for the sad men...Forever young…I wanna be forever young…do you really want to live forever…forever…forever young...”

I standed outside her door and opened it up it a little hoping she won’t notice. She was on the bed hugging her knees with tears rolling down her red cheeks. She was looking down. She looks so broken. I just want to hold her until she is better. That’s all I want to do now.




*hey chickas!! I hoped you guys liked it. Sorry for the wait I’m trying my best for you guys. See ya soon!! ;)*

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