Always There

Follow the main characters as they go on their own paths through life while struggling with their own inner battles.
Alisha Reynolds: A spunky keep-to-herself kind of gal. She likes having someone who at least acknowledges her existence. Moonlit walks and dark chocolate are romantic but too much can sufficate her.
Brandon: A proud bi-sexual, he constantly puts up face with the other kids. Meanwhile at home his family is falling apart. Still he attempts to prevail.


11. Brandon

Not again. He couldn't believe himself. After all he had done to make sure that he wouldn't hurt her again. As soon as she left that door, Brandon had tried to go after her. He lifted himself off the couch and took one step.

One step. It was all it took.

Brandon was laying on the ground. Too weak to even get up. What was he going to do now? Hadn't he wanted Alisha to be his girlfriend? Didn't he realize that his like for her had turned into love?

So why, then, did he chase her away again? Guilt beat at him from every side. Something he deserved and couldn't avoid. Not that he'd want to anyways. It it least proved he could feel again.

There was just so much **** going on in his life. His parents had just up and gone. Left him and his sister for crows' food. Not to mention that awful medical problem with his sister. C-somethin or another. It was all just too much. Then again, if anyone would understand it was her.

Alisha. Her name just put a warm ache in his chest. An ache that was something he would never want to loose. If all they were destined to be was friends, he would have to accept that. Still it's not like he wanted to.

He felt so week. Due to the fact that he refused to leave the hospital during his sister's visit. He ran out of money that first night going on stored energy in his lipids. It was a tiring experience. Nothing to deny there. But Brandon did need to eat. At least Sara was fed through tubes. He got nothing.

Clinging to the chairs, Brandon searched for any small snack that could give him any energy. Something that cold help him continue in order to make a more sufficient meal. A bar was bland but it would do.

As he munched on the pieces of yuck, Brandon took out macoroni and some spam. It would take a few minutes and would be enough to help him feel better. His eyes nearly stayed shut the whole process and nearly closed for a few minutes at a time. Still the meal got done and was decent.

Sitting down at the table, Brandon became pensive. What had he done with his life? It was all his fault. Alisha hated his guts. Hell, even he hated his guts! How could he become the "father" to Sara? She didn't know that their parents had run out on them. And when she did find out it would kill her.

'Oh daddy and mommy went on a ltttle vacation. That's all. They'll be back soon. I promise.'

That would hold her for a little while. But someday she would find out the truth. Find out that there was only him and only her. She would grow to be a responsible, mature, fine woman. Someone he would be proud of. She'd learn all the lessons early, move on to graduating in her early year; she'd get herself a four-year diploma and be one of those who made a difference.

While he sat eating the macoroni Brandon thought about his future. Did he deserve one? Did he have the time? All of his devotion would go to Sara from here on out. Would Alisha really understand? It's not like she was ever put in the position he was in? Still there was the fact that they'd been friends forever. She was the only one who didn't shy away from him when she learned he was bi.

He had to tell her. It wasn't an 'if', 'and', or 'but'. It was a must. A need. It was a necessity to tell Alisha. She would help him get through this. Maybe she'd even- NO! It was too far into Sara's development to try and initiate Alisha as her mother. The two got along like family sure, but Sara knew better.

Besides, he couldn't do that to her. Put that much pressure on Alisha. She had to have problems of her own. That was a given. So how in the world were they ever going to work things out?

"I'll call her." Brandon said to the blank walls.

Feeling much better, he took out his phone. Dialed her number, and pressed call...

No answer. She would come around. They always did. That's what they always did. No matter how large the fight. It didn't matter. They were soul mates. Together to the end. Friends or no friends.

A ring of the doorbell made him snap his head up. Alisha? One could only hope.

Getting up he went towards the front door, straightening up his appearance along the way. Taking a huge inhale and exhale he smiled as he opened up the door.

"Ashley!?!" Brandon stood open mouthed at the girls unexpected appearance.

"Surprise!" She giggled in an eery high pitched way. Her curls bounced blonde by her shoulders and those gorgeous blue eyes worked their magic. Brandon stood completely mesmerized by her. Then he noticed the articles of clothing she chose and instantly his mouth went dry.

Blinking, Brandon fought hard not to stare. Her shirt was an extreme deep v-neck that showed much of her cleavage. It was as if there was only millimeeters between her nipples and the top of the fabric. It had no straps showing an even tan across her shoulders. The clothing tappered to nothing at her belly-button and picked up just below her begining of her 'v'.

Guarenteed it was clothing, but by the looks of it, the girl was showing less than what lingerie would. It was both a turn on and off at the same time. Her black silk skirt was cut super short and had a deep rip up her right thigh showing her red, lacy thong. What he wouldn't give-

No! What had happened to Alisha?!? Then again she had never dressed like this. Never dressed so... so... luxuriously sexy.

Brandon forced his eyes to meet her face only to notice her smile and then her breasts. Was it him or did it seem like she was wearing nothing but the shirt. No bra? Would that explain the peak-a-boo's within the fabric? So entcing. Daring him to come ever near.

"Come in." He opened up the door wider and watched her from behind as she entered his house. They were alone. Sara was sleeping. She was in his place.

Brandon lost all traces of Alisha. After all, she had run out on him that first kiss. Staring at Ashley's ****, Brandon noticed more of the fabric. It was covering little to none of her cheeks; the thin red thong making their seperation all the more luring. A groan escaped him as he walked up behind her.

"What are you doing here? In such-" he searched for some word. Any luring word to properly describe her attire.

"Such what?" She turned around and looked into his eyes. Brandon carressed the thigh with less fabric using his left hand and pulled her closer with his right. The feel of her breasts against him was amazing.

"desirable attire?" He finished his question taking in another breath. It was hard to maintain control, not when he wanted to lose it so much. Forget the world in her. Loose his mind and for once just let go.

"Because. I figured today would be a special occasion." She grinned seductively and leaned further into him.

"How so?"

Her smile widden and then faded while lust made her facial features seem darker.

"I think it's easier if I showed you."

That's when their lips met. She parted lips and breathed in his tongue. The experience set him on fire as he smashed her against him. A gasp of surprise leaked her shock at his strength. If that little display surprised her, she had a lot more to be alarmed at.

Pushing her against the foyer wall, he used his knee to part her legs and leaned against her. Sending kisses down her neck, Ashley breathed in short breaths. Panting, she allowed herself to slowly loosen up. There she was against the wall, his erection long, hard, growing, and so close between her legs. The thought only made her pool grow into a flood.

Greedy hands fought to tear at annoying pieces of fabric. He appreciated the thought, but couldn't she just show up in nothing? You know a birthday suite was an invisible article. At the moment, it also made the best piece of clothing. Penetratable, soft, and sexy. Almost as if nothing and a birthday suit were the same thing.

Finally the skirt fell to the floor. Moans of pleasure came from within her. Vibrations coarsing across her skin as she grasped his skin with razor nails. All that was left waist-below was hot liquid and a soaked piece of string. Both items he could work with.

Her hands fumbled as she shakily traveled to undue his buckle. Time could not erase her eagerness and impatientness. Release and exstacy could, but there was never the 'now' factor. That didn't do anything.

Relief filled her as his pants fell with success. The belt buckle caught his boxers and down they went to. Seconds passed by as the breath escaped her lungs. He was marvelously hard, and he was hers. Pressing down was all she could do to hide her readiness.

His lips were still on her neck sending tingles all along her body leaving hers all alone opening and closing in sexual enlightenment.. A grunt escaped him as her heat leaked all of him. Moving back and forth, he spread the heaven all along his shaft causing more to come out. At last he was in her creavice between her cleavage.

Tension increased with frustration. Damn this shirt, her breasts were pieces of glory that he had to discover. Good thing it was so thin. Using his teeth, he ripped the fabric and then torn it clean in two. They hit him in the face with such hard nipples, his erection jolted in his process. Taking one in his mouth, Brandon began suckling.

"Brandon." It was a whisper, a plead as she pressed harder down upon him. His hands replaced his dick with regret, but he was in need for her taste. He continued the back and forth motion, but this time he moved his fingers to play with her cliterus. Moisture poured into his hands as he pulled and nipped at her boob's peak.

Picking her up, boob in mouth, he brought them to his couch. There was a breaf moment of air and little contact as they finished removing any pieces of fabric still on them. A lick of his abs greeted Brandon to being on top of her.

As Brandon got on his knees, he spread her legs wide. The sweet necter flushed her clit so heavily; it pulsed a despirate rythm. As he leaned closer, it seemed that this was his oxygen. Flicking out his tongue, taste exploded in his mouth. He had to have more. Grabbing her buttocks from underneath, he brought Ashley to his mouth with no resistance.

The two lips slid easily into his as she wrapped her legs around his neck. A scream filled the silence as she pounded against his face. Still his relentless suction only stretched her clit when she pulled back to slam forward again. At last a warm burst of it filled his mouth. Delicious heaven, life's drink, her essence. A grin spread across his face.

At last he returned to her lips and let his head stop at her entrance. Heat pulsed and poured from her, coating him once more. The poor girl didn't have any chance to breath at all. He took her in one swift motion. The scream died within his throat.

The friction provided the anger he needed. It burned so badly. He fought for the pain to stop, increasing speed and leverage. He held on to her shoulders, leaving bruises to show for their experience later. Groans and grunts escaped him. Bi-sexuality didn't matter. The same heat came unto his penis. The same ever-going burn that pulsed constantly. His balls grew heavy.

Ashley whined and panted as she once again was put in a haze of fire and desire. Thrusting upwards, she met him with the same passion. Moaning she held his hips in an effort to bring him closer. Ashley refused to let go. She did that once and didn't want to prove so submissive a second time. She clenched into her stomache in a tremndous effort.

The sound of his balls slapping hard against her only turned her control off that much more. Breaths just wouldn't make it in their time. They moved as a blur, hard and fast, harder and faster. Bringing each other to newer and more painful levels. Tears flowed down her cheeks as her nails dug into his skin drawing red drops.

At last it was over. He screamed out in pride as he let his last thrust carry seed into her. womb. Her rush only joined his powerful explosion. Semen and lubrication clashed and spilled out onto the furniture. Together the two gasped, struggling to find some reality. Their eyes dialated completely.

Moments passed as they laid together, still returning from their moments of fantasy. Ashley was the first to come back.

"I have to leave. My parents are expecting me home soon." Her voice shook as she struggled to get up.

Brandon blinked his eyes as he sat up. She would have to go. It was undoubtable. The question didn't lie there. What would she wear?

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