Always There

Follow the main characters as they go on their own paths through life while struggling with their own inner battles.
Alisha Reynolds: A spunky keep-to-herself kind of gal. She likes having someone who at least acknowledges her existence. Moonlit walks and dark chocolate are romantic but too much can sufficate her.
Brandon: A proud bi-sexual, he constantly puts up face with the other kids. Meanwhile at home his family is falling apart. Still he attempts to prevail.


9. Brandon

They had released her moments ago. COPD. Something he needed to look up. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He did look it up too. Brandon had borrowed a laptop from the hospital’s library. Apparently it had something to do with her lungs.

He was holding her tight as he ducked into a cab.

“6314 Wayword Street please” Brandon requested as he took out his wallet.

“Twenty bucks sir.”

Brandon sighed. Taxis were always over expensive, but he didn’t have his own car. He had his own license. Fortunately the prices for a taxi were much less costly than borrowing a car.So here he was paying twenty buck for a ten minute trip.

He had Sara positioned as if she was taking a nap on his lap. What would he do about his parents when he got home? They should have been there; their own daughter’s life was on the line. It still was shaky as is and they didn’t even have the nerve to show up!

Clenching and unclenching his fists, Brandon struggled to control his anger. The dastardly fact that they had abandoned their children in a time of need was almost undeniable. He wouldn’t report them, but he could say that they went on a vacation.

That’s what he would do. What he needed to do in order to ensure their safety and ability to stay together if something happened. Slowly, Brandon formed a plan that could hopefully pull through within the next month. If not they had at least one month before they were kicked out of their small little house.

He needed a job. Not the one he already had where he worked half-time, no Brandon needed a full time job where he could bring in more money. He’d have to arrange to get his sister in either preschool or a daycare center so he could work. With that though he’d need more information about her illness so that he could inform the place watching over her.

He’d have to somehow teach himself how to do taxes and do decent grocery shopping. Question was how was he going to find a job to fit his strengths. Sure he was a good cook but there weren’t any high end restaurants that would appreciate his services.

Tossing his head back, he let out a stressed sigh.

“Sounds like you got a lot on your mind.” The taxi driver spoke.

“Wha-huh?” Brandon spoke clearly not expecting the conversation.

The driver laughed as his statement was proven correct, “I said it sounds like you got a lot on your mind.” Based on his accent he was a southern gentleman. Right now Brandon needed someone to talk to, after all he wouldn’t be seeing this man for any other time.

“Oh.” Brandon ran one hand through his hair while exhaling, “Yea, I guess I do.”

“Do you need to talk about it?”

Did he? It would suffocate him if he didn’t talk about it to someone. But could he really confide in this stranger?

“Yea, I guess I do.” Brandon confessed.

“Well, I’m all ears if you need me.”

Sighing Brandon started, “My daughter was diagnosed yesterday morning with COPD.” He looked down at Sara, still sleeping peacefully, and pushed her fallen hair out of her face, forever adoring her astonishing beauty, “Her mother abandoned us and so I took over parental care.”

“Did you press for child support son?”

“No, I didn’t want it. I figured that if she didn’t want anything to do with Sara, then why make her?” Brandon reasoned. He would find out what child support was and then see if his parents would even commit to that. Ya know?”

“Sure do son. I still think she need to be a helpin’ out somehow though.” He spoke his opinion.

“Thanks but as soon as I get back to work and she goes back to daycare, I think we’ll be ok.” It was strangely difficult to lie to this man, like Brandon didn’t want to. What had this man ever done to deserve it? But Brandon didn’t want to have anyone find out that they could be considered orphans on a certain level. They were victims of neglect, forgotten kids in a house with no one to truly care for them.

“Well here’s my card since it looks like you aint gotta ride to anywheres.” The driver turned around and handed him a piece of paper with writing on it.

“Thank you sir.” Brandon took the card with gratitude.

“Here, you look like you’ll be a needing this.” The driver hand him something through the window as Brandon situated his sister on his shoulder before driving off. After turning around, Brandon halted. There were no cars in the driveway. At all.

Turning the key in the door, he opened it. Sara stirred slightly in his arms but didn’t awaken. He traveled the silent path to her room and laid her in her crib. She was almost four, and Brandon knew it would be a little late to try and enroll her into preschool or kindergarten. She was smart enough that was for sure, the question was not about her smarts however. It was whether he’d have enough money for it.

After silently shutting her door to her nursery, he went to check the rest of the house. Nobody seemed to be in existence. He checked the other rooms before inevitably making his way to the master suite. Reluctantly Brandon opened the door to find a scene that he inevitably suspected to occur somewhere.

The mahogany bed was neatly made, as if nobody had ever slept there. The floor was obviously vacuumed and washed- an unusual sight inside these walls. Checking the drawers, he found they were completely empty.

His suspicions were confirmed the moment he opened his mother’s closet. Nothing. There wasn’t even a note. They had up and left without even a goodbye. What now? Brandon sat on the edge of the bed and put his face in his hands. He was past holding everything in. He couldn’t do this on his own but he had no one else to go to.

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