Always There

Follow the main characters as they go on their own paths through life while struggling with their own inner battles.
Alisha Reynolds: A spunky keep-to-herself kind of gal. She likes having someone who at least acknowledges her existence. Moonlit walks and dark chocolate are romantic but too much can sufficate her.
Brandon: A proud bi-sexual, he constantly puts up face with the other kids. Meanwhile at home his family is falling apart. Still he attempts to prevail.


2. Brandon

The wind wasn't blowing anymore. The sun had gone and hidden behind clouds and he was left standing on the sidewalk. The girl of his straight dreams had kissed him back hadn't she? Or was this a dream of what was to come. Her essence still wavered behind after Alisha had taken off.

The kiss hadn't lasted long. Still the short time of their lips touching had to be the best moment of his life so far. Her lips soft sweet and unsure against his. She tasted pure and gentle, clean and fresh. All in all, Alisha was perfect.

Sighing, he walked his way back to his house. Brandon's mom and pa waited with smirks on the front step. Her short curly red hair rested by her chin and her green eyes stood out from the normal brown eyed gene. Strong cheekbones finished the list of her characteristics.

His father on the other hand had blonde straight hair that was cropped in a military bob. Blue eyes decorated his face beneath slightly bushy eyebrows. Strong cheekbones held high and a wide forehead are what drew Brandon's mother toward him.

Sighing, Brandon walked up the steps. Both parents were grinning at him and glancing secret looks at each other. As if they were communicating with telepathy.

"What?" Brandon questioned with his 'I-didn't-just-do-anything-I-might- not-have-had-permission-to-do' voice. If he could see himself in a mirror Brandon would bet he was blushing. Here were two people who knew him completely. Two teenage minds trapped in sadly dressed older bodies. Two parents who would take full opportunity of this situation to embarress their son.

"We saw what just happened," His mother, Julie, started.

"She's a mighty fine catch son." Ronald, his father, finished with a wink. Both immediately started to chuckle.

"Oh dad! Mom! Come on!" Brandon exclaimed with a wave as he passed through the white screen door, "She didn't kiss back. And if you paid attention," Brandon paused slightly to frown sadly, " she ran away."

"Honey," his mom followed him and placed a hand on his shoulder, "maybe she wasn't prepared nor expecting this. I mean you two are best friends. Did you ever think what this could do to the friendship if it ended badly? What if she doesn't want that to happen?"

"Then that makes me the complete bi-sexual idiotic best friend who just ruined the friendship anyways." he said over his shoulder. Shrugging off the hand, he walked all the way up the stairs. His bedroom wasn't that big or magnificent. Nor was it the average guy's room. Each wall was covered in a completely different color.The left-pink, the right-baby blue, the front wall- purple, and the backwall was painted a flouresent ivory colour. All in all, the room was girlified.

Sure being bi-sexual, Brandon was entitled to liking anyone. They would suspect he have multiple crushes, and truth be told he kinda did. But that didn't mean he liked multiple people. In fact only he knew that Alisha was his true love. He had multiple pictures of the two of them together all around his room. He told her she was stalking a picture. Really it was past horrifying that he stared at each picture a day whenever he wasn't with her.

A tear fell down his cheek at the fresh memory of her running away. The long hair flowed behind her as she sprinted not to him but away from him. Her green eyes anxiously glancing behind her, and that tear of sadness that flowed steadily from her cheek.

Groaning he slammed his head into the pillow. An idiot? He was beyond being an idiot. He was the guy who made idiots look like the smartest people in the world. Friends for how many years? Alisha had been the first person to know about his being bi-sexual. Sure she looked at him like he was hitting on her, and sure she avoided him for a day or two, but she came around and said it was ok. She had accepted him.

Maybe if he put his mind to work on other things. Make himself remember Ashley or Drake. Find them interesting again. He liked them a lot, but Brandon realized he liked Alisha more. Ashley had nice feminine features.

Ashley's dark green amazons saw deeper into his soul than anyone, but all they did was remind him of Alisha's lighter green eyes and how they adjusted their colour with Alisha's mood. Her hair, although, was completely different. Short an blonde, the spunky flair of Ashley's hair fitted perfectly with her bright personality.

Drake on the other hand was completely amazing. He was Alisha in a male body. Comletely caring and understanding. Chocolate carmel eyes were sweet and kind. A smile from him could light up his world. Just being in the same room made Brandon grow. Secretly, he would glance to see how Drake was and if Brandon had the same effect on him. IF he didn't, Drake was just amazingly large by normal genes.

Sighing, Brandon smiled contently. Drake, Drake, Drake. Sadly, Drake had already asked him out. That was only a week ago. His dreamy eyes portraying utter trust and acceptance to this new way of seeing males. The soft carress of Drake's large hands holding his.

The offer was so tempting. Drake was such a nice guy. They would have made a perfect couple. Brandon would make sure that Drake never had to pay for anything. He almost did go out with him. he had to think about it. Brandon would have if he hadn't planned to see Alisha the next day. Just seeing her again, his heart melted and his skin became clammy. He turned down Drake and let him know he had a crush on someone else.

They hadn't parted ways after that. No, instead Drake and him had become best friends. Now Brandon cried into his pillow, thinking if only he said yes. Things would be much better for him. Drake would be here to comfort him if anything went wrong.

After clearing up his face he took out his phone. The clear screen had a collage for the background. Brandon had taken different pictures of the two of them seperately. Mashing them all together, Brandon had managed to successfully create a mirage showing him and Alisha kissing. Now it didn't have to be a mirage. If only he had taken a picture. It would be real. Something to cherish.

Clicking on messages he chose Alisha's contact. Would she answer? How was he to know? Maybe his mom was right. Sighing he backed up and chose Drake instead. He would understand- or at least attempt to.

After a few minutes, the familiar ring popped up the message screen.

2:31pm- Me: Hey
2:33pm- Drake: Hey

Staring down he texted:

2:33pm-Me: Was wondering if you'd want to hang out?

----- Silence for another minute. The anxienty was getting to him. The minute passing by felt like eternity.

2:34pm- Drake: Sure! Where do you want to meet?

Where? Oh hell. Bad planning could loose him the opportunity. He hadn't thought of where. Would Drake find the lack of knowledge stupid and idiotic? Ugh. Still depressed he messaged back.

2:36pm-Me: I was thinking I'd let you choose.
2:36om-Drake: How about my house cuz I can't go anywhere. Parents not home. Just asked if you could visit. Said yes!
2:37pm-Me: Great! I'll be right over!
2:38pm-Drake: Don't rush. Take your time. I want the house to be perfect!

He smiled at Drake's generosity. The poor boy would probably be rushing to-and-fro in the next ten minutes it would take for Brandon to get to his house. Pulling on a lightweight jacket, Brandon went back out.

Almost out the door, Brandon was stopped by his mom.

"And where do you think you're going young man?" Her stern voice spoke softly.

"Over to a friends house."

"But you can't remember? Honey, you promised you would stay home and watch Sara for us today. You're father is taking me on a romantic night out remember? Oooh hehehe. I can't wait for his surprise!" She wiggled her eyebrows and did a little happy jump dance.

Crap! He totally forgot tonight was their anniversary! Ugh the cake still needed to be baked and picked up. The house redecorated. This was all his fault. He hated having to cancel the meeting with Drake, it broke his heart to cause dissappointment.

"Yes mam."

After the two ran off to the city and their anniversary dinner Brandon reluctantly texted Drake.

2:46pm-Me: Change of plans I have to stay home and watch sister
2:47pm-Drake: That's ok. Parents just got home. Maybe I can come over?

The thought brought new hope to the situation. Why didn't he think of that? Smiling he eargerly texted back:
2:47pm-Me: I would like that

The text came when he was turning on telivision for his sister. Her golden locks bouncing up and down in excitement as she screeched a high pitched giggle.

2:54pm- Drake: I can come! I'll be there soon!
2:54pm-Me: Great! Do you like to bake?
2:57pm-Drake: At the corner of your block, and yeah! I love to bake!

The conversation started there and ended at the door when he finnally saw Drake at the front door. Quickly straightening himself up, Brandon rushed to the door, eager to make Drake welcome.

"Drake!" He greeted enthusiastically giving him a hug.
"Hey Brandon." Drake responded, pulling back to smile and stare at him. Those chocolate eyes. so wonderful and gorgeous at the same time. His smile was dazzling.

"Oh um, come in. The cake for my parents anniversary is waiting your expertise in design." Brandon giggled and took Drake by the hand, leading him into the kitchen. Their hands felt so right together. His warm and caring.

Together the two decorated swirls and designs onto the cake. It's florescent purple and white theme highlighting their wedding colours. On top a sugar picture was placed in the middle. His father stood and kissed his mother within the picture. finally when they both stepped back, they awed at their creation.

"Magnificent." Drake breathed.

Brandon didn't have time to pay attention. He was after all watching his sister. While he left Drake with a drink, Brandon went to check on his sister. Her cute little curls were ruffled and messy as she had her head imprinted into the pillow. Picking her up, the girl with her thumb in her mouth, Brandon went and put her down. Just the angelic way she looked. Sighing, Brandon just watched.

A touch in the small of his back made him jump and silently gasp. A breathe of relief came with the recognition of Drake. Staring at him, Brandon realized that Drake was slightly taller. Almost instantaneously, Brandon slowly grew excited.

It was dark, and Drake looked entirely masculine. A woman wouldn't tell that he was gay, Brandon knew, but unless he told you himself. Drake looked straight as a nail. The space slowly closed and finally their lips met.

Drake was firm and smooth at the same time. As Brandon breathed, he took in his scent. Sweet, nurturing, clean, and woodsy. Damn, he smelled good! When the kiss finally ended, Brandon as breathing and staring at Drake.

"Brandon I-" Drake's words were cut off when the door opened. Stepping out into the hall, Brandon tried his best to keep his emotions hidden. His parents walked through the door hand in hand, mother draped over his father-obviously drunk. Leaving Drake behind, Brandon quickly rushed to light the candle lights.

Bringing out the cake he glanced by the shadows where him and Drake had just been. A door creeked shut in the distance, whispering a soft unknown goodbye.

"Happy anniversary!" He shouted. The absence of Drake from this household brought new things to mind. It was good in some ways. The kiss for example. It would stay a secret. He didn't want his parents thinking he was a ****. God that would be awful. But then again, Drake had left without saying goodbye> Right after the kiss that could have just changed everything between them.

Great just what he needed. Another ruined friendship over a kiss. He didn't kiss back. He almost did, Brandon even wanted to. But a little thought brought him up short- Alisha. What would she think? Then there was Drake. In one day, Brandon has kissed two people and liked it. Was he a **** or what?

The internal battle remained silent as he helped his parents celebrate the rest of the night. Smiling a fake smile, he bid them a wonderful anniversary and silently moped off to his room. Always thinking of the kisses from that day.

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