Always There

Follow the main characters as they go on their own paths through life while struggling with their own inner battles.
Alisha Reynolds: A spunky keep-to-herself kind of gal. She likes having someone who at least acknowledges her existence. Moonlit walks and dark chocolate are romantic but too much can sufficate her.
Brandon: A proud bi-sexual, he constantly puts up face with the other kids. Meanwhile at home his family is falling apart. Still he attempts to prevail.


3. Alisha

Sitting in class was as boring as hell. I mean the guy would not stop talking. It was as if he were litterally speaking about himself and other things besides class. This was what I had to look forward to for the rest of the school year (at least I get time to nap). The pointer he held flew back and forth admist the various plots amoung the board that explained which war held which facts.

My hand held up my chin and my eyes started to become heavy. What a wonderful time to nap- just after lunch, right before gym- and be lazy. My mouth formed a wide 'O' as I yawned a long exhausting yawn.

"Miss. Reynolds? You have something to say?" Mr. Goldfish (yes that's his real last name-corny right?) called all me. His beady black soulless eyes staring at me. It was like the room was zoomed in to focus only on me as everyone turned and stared.

Closing my yawn, I sat up straight and cleared my throat. Crap! Busted! (Maybe I wouldn't sleep after all) What was he talking about anyways? Looking at the board for clarity I blinked my eyes clear from hazy sleep. The seconds ticked by as my face got redder and redder.

Cold war- called cold because no major fights broke out- vietnam war was apart of this. The notes scrambled on and on but still my mind couldn't come to a conclusion.

"Um. The Cold War occured in the 1960's and ended in the early 1990's." I mumbled what seemed like useless information rambling on inside my little head.

I knew I was right the moment his glare deepened and he began writing some dates on the board, "It did indeed occur during the 1960's but can anyone tell me what year it did start exactly?"

A breath of relief escaped my lips, (Thank you Discovery Channel!) and I opened my notebook not willing to take any more chances. My nap would just have to wait.

At the end of class Mr. Goldfish had asked me to come and stay back after class. He said he wanted to talk about my habbits. So naturally I thought I was in trouble and stayed.

He stood writing, on the front blackboard, the next class lesson for his first period class the next day. Patiently, I waited till he finally spoke,

"Miss. Reynolds, make yourself comfortable." He pointed to a seat and desk combined right in front of him. I sat and put my bag on the floor, still concered as to what I was in trouble for.

"Urm, exactly what am I here for?" I searched the room trying to do anything but place my eyes on the teacher, hot embarrassment burned straight through me. My mother would kill me if I got any grade less than a C (she would kill me if I got a B. A C and I'd be alive but 20,000 feet under!)!

His eyes searched my face as I continued to look at anything except him. Time ticked by and felt like hours of awkward silence. Crickets chirped in their cage hiding under rocks. I tilted my head and studied the cage next to it. It seemed as if the crickets were hiding in the corner furthest away from it. A closer look at the larger cage and I jumped out of my chair.

“Alisha!” Mr. Goldfish caught me as I fell over.

“Mr. Goldfish there’s a snake! A snake!” I screamed.

His laughter caught me off guard just as much as his almost awkward embrace was. His arms were strong and sure, soft and warm. His cologne invaded my smell and I closed my eyes taking it in. (He smelled better than Brandon.) It was overwhelmingly enticing. Then the snake came back to my attention and I snapped my eyes open in obvious alarm.

“It’s just a snake.” More laughter.

It was just a snake. Just a snake.

“Is it venomous?” I ask, panting in near hysteria.

“No,” this time he chuckled before sitting us down on his desk, me in his lap and leaned my head against his chest wiping my hair from my forehead, “it’s completely harmless.

Just take a breath and relax. It won’t hurt you.”

Take a breath… Relax… Harmless… Relax…

So I did. I breathed in that wonderful smell of his. That beautiful concoction of his was wonderful. I took another breath and relaxed into his arms. Those strong arms. He brought me closer to him and I leaned further back. It didn’t occur to me that this man was years older nor did it matter. I could sit here and lay in his lap for eternity.

He was still protecting my face from my hair when I took on my original mind set. I pulled myself away from him with no difficulty. Gathering my stuff, I started to head for the door.

“Alisha? Where are you going? We still need to talk.” Mr. Goldfish has unbuttoned his shirt slightly, something I had not noticed.

“You haven’t told me about what.” I stayed as far away from him as possible, walking near the snake when he came closer to me by the door.

What is wrong?” He moved ever closer and made a grab for my wrist. That is when it hit me. I wasn’t here for any classwork. Not for my summer school grades. I was here because he wanted me here. In his room where no one could see.

So being naive me, I went and gave him what he wanted. Stupid, I know. But maybe he would leave me alone after this. After he saw that I wasn’t who he was looking for.

The kiss was short but definitely hot. Dropping my bags I wrapped my arms entirely around him, enjoying the width of his shoulders, the muscles.

His hands pulled me closer by the small of my back. Leaning into him, I deepened the kiss hungry for more. More of him, more of everything. Pulling him closer, I took my fists and pulled his mouth deeper into mine. A tingling sensation grew throughout me as I yearned to be closer to him.

“Yes, I knew it!” He moaned against my lips as his hand went under my shirt and caressed my boob. No, this wasn’t the way it is supposed to go. Not the way things were supposed to be. He should have been responsible enough to tell me quit it or knock it off, but here he was mentally undressing me.

Still I didn’t say stop. I didn’t make any motion to stop him, any motion to say he was going too far. In fact I didn’t want him to stop. He felt so good. It was the sweet innocent kiss I had committed with Brandon a few days ago. No, he was a full grown mature adult who knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. Problem was I didn’t know if I was ok with this.

His touch set me completely on fire. Every nerve in my being was standing on edge. As if this man had switched on a light inside of me. An electric circuit that was dead but is now alive and wired. I gasped for breath between each amazingly desirable kiss. His hand was burning against my breast and my shirt seemed too heavy of a fabric against my already wired skin. Soon even that was on the floor leaving my chest fully exposed, in its extravagant bra, to the hands of this professional. His expert mouth had started on my neck leaving behind a trail of soft tender kisses and sweet lavish nibbles.

Moaning I leaned my head into the crook of his neck, pressing ever closer to him. The sensations he began to stir within me were unbelievable. His nimble fingers quickly unsnapped my bra, leaving me completely topless. Sure I thought girls could look sexy in nothing but their jeans and flip flops, but they all had decently shaped bodies and curves in the right places. Still, he treated me like I was the most important thing in the world.

I spent the rest of the evening embracing this new way of seeing things, of seeing him. This new escape from reality. He made me feel so good. I sat laying on top of him resting my chin on his chest, taking in the event of the day. I was worried about my grades, but this was bigger. So much bigger. Finally, a tear came to my eye.

Mr. Goldfish tilted my chin up and caught it just as it slid down. A worried frown creased his forehead. A forehead which, within moments ago, I had caressed to my chest as if he were the last thing on Earth.

“What’s wrong babe?” He asked with false concern.

“I shouldn’t be here. We shouldn’t have done what we did. Oh my god what have I done?!?” I frantically started crying as I rushed to get dressed, doing my best to find as many articles of my clothing as possible. I had to get out of there, and away from here. I would stop going to summer school.

“What are you talking about? That’s just nonsense. We did it because we were made for each other. It was a pure act of love. Nothing wrong there, come on,” his eyes pleaded as he reached yet again for me, “stay with me for a few more hours.”

“I can’t. My mom’s gotta be worried sick about me by now. I should have gone straight home.” My jeans were already halfway zipped when he was standing bare in front of me, his hands on my zipper preventing any more closing of my jeans.

This time the kiss was expected, but instead of kissing back (like I guess I wanted too) I pulled out of it.

“Baby come on,” He pulled on my jeans, bringing me closer to him by several inches.

The whore-ish part of me was burning with renowned desire, the smart side and slightly scared part was telling me to high-tale my ass out of there. Get as far away from this enticing body as possible.

“Stop it, I’m a student. You’re a teacher.” I put my hands on his bare chest and pushed hard. To my dismay, however, it had little to no effect.

A growl came from his chest as he held tight and tried to kiss me. A tear fell once more as I turned my head away.

“You’re being stupid, you know you want to. Come on.” He pushed me to my knees and placed his head at my lips.

Pushing himself inside my mouth, a loud groan escaped his lips, and to my demise, mine as well. He was just so wonderfully large. I pulled him further into me loving every inch. It didn’t take much more of my inexperience to cause him to cum into my mouth. Still the tears ran down my face.

Mr. Goldfish pulled me back onto my feet and licked his own semen off of my lips.

“Don’t you get it? You need me to experience the wonderful joys of life. Without me, your true desires wouldn’t be fulfilled. I can be your everything.” He caressed my chin and patted my head.

I shook my head and bent down to pick up my shirt. Pulling it down over my head, I made sure to do my best to keep my eyes on anything but him if I had to have them open.

“What are you doing?” He questioned.

A little sob escaped my lips as I shook my head more noticeably. My purse was all the way across the room. I looked at my options which seemed like none. I was utterly the mouse in this cat-and-mouse play. I had no option. I went towards my purse and started to head out the door when he yanked my hair back, causing me to release a yell of pain.

I was seriously scared and didn’t even try to hide it. I took my pocket knife from my purse and made a large swinging arch backwards. Instantaneously, I was released to the ground. It didn’t take me more than a millisecond to scramble out of the door.

I didn’t bother to turn and look back. Didn’t bother to even try and consolidate on what I had done. I didn’t want to know the future possibilities of what had just occurred. It was all so terrible. I had nowhere to go and he knew it. I ran straight for my car and got it.

Fumbling with the keys I put her in reverse and looked up. My mind’s past infatuation and now enemy stared with devil’s eyes out at me. Watching my every move and promising my destruction.

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