Angel Dust

Tuesday is 16 years old and she lives with an unloving and uncaring foster family. She was put in the system because her mum died of too much alcohol consumption when she was 4 years old. Her father was never in her life. Tuesday has been in and out of foster families. Foster families that did she same thing, take her in for the check and families that abused her or just neglected her. Tuesday isn't your typical pretty girl or the life of the party. She's the opposite she keeps to herself and she prefers it that way.

Tuesday recently got hooked onto drugs. She turned to drugs when her foster parents abused her and she couldn't take it. Using drugs is her escape from her life. She wants to quit doing drugs but it's hard and she falls back to them after a period of time.

What happens though when she meets Zayn at her dealer? Could Zayn possibly help her? Will he make things worse? Could he save her before she ends up overdosing? Or will Zayn drive her to abuse drugs more?


1. Chapter One


Don't you wish you can just escape, escape from everyone & everything? Well for some people it's as simple, all they have to do is by a plane ticket and they're gone. For people like me it's not as simple. The point I'm trying to make is some of us need an escape route, a route we didn't intend but it's my only route.

There I was sitting in my last class. Waiting for the bell to ring. I sat in my desk counting my money to see if I had enough. I had to get money from my foster dad. I stole £13 pounds from him. This should be enough for a hit to last a week.

"Fuck I'm £20 short." I mumbled under my breath to myself.

I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get my hit. The amount I have will only last me for 2 days and I don't want to go back in 2 days. I looked up to the teacher who was rambling on about triangles.

I rolled my eyes and looked up to the clock, 2:56pm. In matter of minutes class is over and I can leave this shitty school and begin my weekend. The teacher put our homework on the board and explained how to do the problems that were assigned for us. 

The last four minutes were a drag. They went by slow. Glad though that I can finally leave and forget about the preps for 2 days. The school was cliche, divided up into sections. Sections I don't fit into. You have the jocks the cheerleaders than everything else that is based on what sport or club you're a part of.

The beautiful bell of dismissal rang beautifully through my ears. The bell hinting out it was my time to go. My time to get my fix. I grabbed my book with was in awful shape. The cover barely hanging as the cover was barely on my math text. This book has been through so much, not with me of course.

I walked the  halls and went to my locker to grab my beanie and jacket. My locker was close by the football players. So I didn't love my locker. Sue me. Would you love it if it was surrounded by a group of horny teenage jerks? I didn't think so. Okay you might if you were some whore, but not me.

"Well well well. If it isn't Tuesday I'm surprised to see you here. Aren't you usually shooting up by now?" said the deep husky voice behind me.

I turned around as I closed my locker. My beanie and jacket now in my hold. The tall male figure towering over me as his hand rested on my locker as he blocked me so I couldn't leave. I looked up at the tall figure to see blonde ruffed up hair. A pair of lovely blue eyes piercing through me.

This lad isn't even from here, he's from Ireland and he manages to be in one of the 'cliques' he manages to fit in. He was just one of those Abercrombie Jack Wills cutout lads. Comes from a wealthy family and has impeccable looks that can give him just about any girl he wants. He was an IT boy, all the girls wanted to be his girlfriend if not, they wanted to ride him.

"Well if it isn't Horan." I shot back as I stood in front of him arms crossed my chest.

"Look Tuesday I need a favour and you're the only one that can fulfill it. I'm only inviting you because we want you to deliver a heavy load of 'goodies' if you know what I mean." Niall said as he leaned his head down, his warm breath hitting the sensitive area below my ear.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said as I tried to get away. It was a massive failure, Niall had grabbed my wrist and pushed my back against the locker.

"Here's a list and money. This should cover it. If not pay the rest. I'm sure I'll pay you back." Niall said as he slipped the paper in the back of my jean pocket I saw from my peripheral vision that he smiled down to me. 

He spun on his heel and walked toward his group of friends. I slipped on my jacket and made my way outside of the school. The front of the school still crowded with students slowly making their way into the direction that they needed to go. I slipped the paper out of my pocket and shoved it in my purse.

I knew what this list contained and it wasn’t no laffy taffy or gummy bears. I didn’t mind being the go-to person when people wanted some ‘goods’ at their party. Don’t get me mistaken as some drug dealer because I’m not. People know I associate with some and see me as the middleman between the mess. After all I do buy from the people I associate with.

I began to drag my feet against the concrete pathway of the Bradford streets. The streets filled with no good people. Streets filled with people that wanted what I wanted, an escape from reality. Yes my life is bad, that is why I chose the route I chose. You see I’m Tuesday and I am an unwanted adolescent. My arse has been from foster home to foster home. My foster parents whom I reside now don’t give two shits about me.

I’ve been through it all. From foster parents that smother me to foster parents that abuse me. When I was 8 I had been put in a foster home in Manchester. The woman was an alcoholic and the husband was a junkie. At night her husband would sneak into the room that they had for me and he would sexually abuse me. I tried to tell the social workers but they believed I was lying.

I went through so much pain and I can never forget what I went through. Those memories always fluttering around me. Those memories coming back to haunt me. Those horrible events caused me to turn into a junkie myself. I’m not going to sugarcoat shit for you and I don’t want pity. I want to tell you my story, yeah you might have a fabulous life but me I had it rough since I came out the womb.

You will be hearing more about it as I continue on. Sometimes my trips aren’t as successful but they numb my body and it’s just what I want. When the high is about to come to a crash I remember those painful events, like I said no need for me to rush and tell you everything now. You will and I promise you, you will hear about it.

I felt a buzzing movement in my pocket. I dug my hand into my front pocket and slipped out the shiny black device into my hands and swiped the screen. I had a text and only from one person. Jo. Jo is my man, my dealer. The man I love for being my dealer and the man I love for looking out for me too. He was the one I’m on my way to see.

To: Tuesday
From: Jo
You coming today? x

I read his text and didn’t bother replying. I was around the corner from the block. People in Bradford know these aren’t the safest streets so many people stay away from here. The block contained many abandoned and rundown houses. Houses were destroyed from fires and some were for sale but never sold.

This block was like candyland for anyone that needed their high. There was a meth house, where the cooks will make the meth. There were two days of the week when the cooks were in there cooking and today wasn’t one of them. A few houses down is a greenhouse, where marijuana is being grown in the basement with lights. Yes, it’s not an actual greenhouse but you get it; it’s where they grow all types of marijuana.

A few abandoned houses down is where the heroin professionals cook. Where the heroin is being processed so it can be sold. The heroin cooks work when the meth cooks work. Same time and schedule. Across from those houses is the house where it stashes all the pills. Pain meds are stashed there and just about any pill you can get from there. They package everything in their designated houses. After they are packaged they get shipped to the main house.

The main house is the one at the end of the road. The house with the faded dirty yellow paint. The one with the picket fence all destroyed. The house that has the weeds taller than the grass. Well all the houses are similar but you’ll notice the main house because it’s the only one with the BMW parked in front of it. You won’t find any other house with a car like that, everyone else drive Range Rovers or Lincolns.

Your typical Bradford dealers are dressed in baggy clothing but not my dealer. My dealer is in his late 20’s and is the whitest man you’ll know. He doesn’t live here in the hood of Bradford he lives in the suburban area of Bradford. My dealer is always dressed up to par, suit and tie or just well put together; never in baggy clothing.

I got closer to the house and noticed a black Cadillac parked behind the black BMW. I know the cars around here and I haven’t seen this car ever the time that I’ve been here of course. I made my way up the front porch and I could here a mixture of voices. I slowly knocked on the dirty white door. I stood there as I heard voices from inside slowly come to a stop. I turned myself around as I looked around the neighborhood making sure no one was watching me.

"Can I help you?" an unfamiliar deep voice asked as I slowly turned to face him.

"Umm Jo knows me." I said to the unfamiliar lad that was presented in front of me.

This lad looked close to my age. He had an olive skin tone that made his eyes stand out. His eyes were a light brown colour as it also had a tint of grey. His dark brown hair complementing his skin tone as it was roughed up looking like he had just woken up or just had some intercourse. He had some facial hair as it looked like he hadn’t shaved in days. He gave me a bad vibe as I felt chills run up my spine. His eyes inspecting my presence in front of him as he was curious to why I was here. He kept a straight face as he kept his eyes fixated on me.brown eyes inspecting my presence. 

"Be back. Wait here." 
The boy said as he walked away and closed the door.

I stood outside as I waited for him to come back to let me in. 

"Come on Tuesday." Jo said as he opened the door for me to enter.

When I walked inside, the house was normal. Paint falling off the wall. The floor completely dirty. Furniture that was semi destroyed. The only thing that was new was the music system. I looked around to see beer bottles on the floor and alcohol bottles around on the tables. I walked in the living room to see the marijuana on the table and the pills too spread on the table.

I looked up to see the boy with the dark hair and brown eyes on the recliner. He was sipping beer and watching me as I examined the familiar surrounding. I made my way over to the sofa and sat myself down as i peeled my jacket off my arms. I felt his eyes on me the whole time I was making myself comfortable. His eyes were dark and his brows furrowed a bit.

"What do you want today Tuesday?" Jo asked as he inhaled the marijuana that was wrapped in the white paper.

"I want weed, some angel dust, and lover’s speed." I said. I was nervous to tell Jo about the order that Niall had wanted.

Jo sat there on the sofa as the other guys drank, smoked, shooting up crank, or sniffed the white powdery lines of crack. Jo exhaled the smoke he had in his mouth on me. I was sitting beside him, the aroma of the herb burning clinging onto my clothing. 

"Do you have the money babe?" Jo asked as he pulled my body closer to him.

Jo was attractive and we sort of have a thing. I hangout with him and we either smoke or popped pills. I just never wanted a serious relationship with him though, it could screw me over on getting my supply. I've had intercourse with him though, when I was short on the amount I owed him. I slept with Jo, more than once too. 

"Yes I have the money." I said as I tried to pull myself away from him.

I looked over to see the boy that had opened the door for me still keep his eyes on me. I tried to pull myself away but Jo's grip around me only pulled me closer. My body fitting perfectly with his form. 

"£33." Jo said as he slipped the pills and marijuana buds in the clear plastic baggies.

"Jo I have an order for you." I said as I pulled out the list.

"So now my Tuesday is taking orders? You want to become a messenger, a distributor now?" Jo said as he began to throw the the supply that was on the list on the wooden table.

"Jo no. This boy from school wants this for his party. Can you do it?" I asked as I felt a warm body approach me from behind. I looked over my shoulder to see the very attractive lad from earlier. 

"Yeah I can do it. Just one condition." Jo said as he approached me and gripped me by my upper arm. 

"What?" I said as I positively sure Jo wanted a shag, which I'm willing to give him since I don't have the money for Niall's stuff.

"That one of my distributors go with you to sell it. I want this lad to pay my mate full. I don't care if you know him he's not getting it for a less price, I want my money and I want it tonight." Jo harshly said as he lightly shoved so I bumped into the boy that kept his eyes fixated on me the entire time I was here.

The lad helped me get my posture, I walked over and sat down on the wooden chair. I sat there and watched as the guys began to count and weigh everything. They did the calculations to see how much this sale was worth. I looked up to see the guy still standing there as he sipped on his beer.

I watched him as he made his way over to the table. He grabbed a clear plastic bag that contained marijuana. He began to pick the bud seeds as he let the green product crumble between his fingers. The green particles falling onto the brown paper so he can smoke a blunt. 

I watched him carefully as I saw him stick his tongue out as he licked the brown paper so it can hold together. As he grazed his tongue on the paper I saw his eyes look in my direction. He grabbed the other paper that was set on the table and slid his tongue so the paper could moisten up. He began to wrap the paper around the rolled blunt.  His fingers carefully twirling the blunt as the brown paper was rolled over it so it won't fall apart. He finished rolling the blunt and set it to the side as he picked his beer up and took another sip.

He rolled up his sleeves as he repeated the process to make another blunt. I noticed he had tattoos on his right arm. His forearm covered, he noticed my gaze on him. He looked up over at me and his lips curled up into a half smile. I gave him a smile in return as I continued to watch him.

"£33 Tuesday." Jo's voice said as he broke me away from watching the lad roll up his blunts. I grabbed my bag and grabbed the money from the purse. 

"I got it." the guy with the beer and blunt in his hand said. He pulled out his wallet and gave Jo £33. I didn't know him but this guy was paying for my stuff. It worried me I quickly came to mind that he must want a shag or something from me.

"Tuesday meet Zayn, he's going to make the drop with you." Jo said as he handed me a small duffle which contained Niall's order. I looked over to Zayn who grabbed my order and handed it to me. I was going to spend my night with Zayn. A lad I just met and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing considering he paid for my weed angel dust and lover’s speed for me.

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