The Lucky Win

When 17 year old Aimee wins a contest for her and her best friend Claire to spend 3 days on tour with one direction, they realize that fame, rumors and romance are a lot more difficult then they expected.


12. Zayn?!

"Rise and shine Nialler!" I opened my eyelids halfway and groaned as Louis's sock puppet, Mildred, pinched my nose. I sat up and looked at the time.
"What the heck Lou it's only 9:30" I punched Louis playfully. "We don't have to be backstage until 10:30!" Louis grinned
"Ah your right mate!" He replied, "but Harry has made us all a treat! Harry! Come in here Haz!" Harry walked in holding a spatula with his kiss the chef apron on. 
"Nialler! Your just in time for pancakes! Plain, blueberry or chocolate chip?" My mouth watered at the word pancakes and I rolled out of bed.
"Two of everything please!" I said eagerly to Harry and Louis laughed. 
"Coming right up!" Harry whacked me with the spatula and left. As I got ready, I knew I had to look my best for Aimee. I put on a grey T shirt, converse and jeans, and spritzed some cologne. I combed my hair and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. Perfect. As I entered the breakfast area I saw Liam, Claire, Aimee and Louis at the table. 
"Hey guys!" I said enthusiastically and sat down in front of a huge plate of pancakes. I was shoving the last bite of pancake into my mouth when we heard a deep voice scream. Bits of pancake came flying out of my mouth, Claire dropped her fork, the pancake Harry was flipping flopped onto the floor.
"ZAYN!" We all screamed and ran out the door.  

Authors note:
Hey guys I hope u like the chapter! (Sorry for the cliff hanger :P ) thank you so much for reading! Could you please like/ favorite/ become a fan of me? Also please check out my new movella "exceptions?" Thanks! Hugs and kisses!
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