The Lucky Win

When 17 year old Aimee wins a contest for her and her best friend Claire to spend 3 days on tour with one direction, they realize that fame, rumors and romance are a lot more difficult then they expected.


9. Realization


 "That was good just remember to put your middle finger on this string" I said as Aimee finished strumming the chord I taught her on my guitar. I lifted her finger on to the correct string and she smiled up at me. 
"Thanks" she said our eyes met and that was when I realized I was falling for her. She was pretty and she had a great personality. We just gazed at each other for a while until Aimee blushed and looked down at her lap. 
"How about you try that chord one more time" I said to her. As she finished playing I applauded. Louis looked up from the computer and gave her a thumbs up. Aimed was grinning hugely. 
"Wow mate you taught her well." Zayn said to me
"Someday she could be in the band" Harry joked. I laughed and looked over at Aimee I realized her smile and the sparkle in her eyes had disappeared. She was looking over at Liam and Claire cuddling in Liam's bed. Liam's muscular arms wrapped around Claire's tiny body. And that's when I realized Aimee liked Liam. That must be really hard for her how he immediately chose to date her best friend. I needed to show her that Liam wasn't the only perfect boy in this band. I put my arm around her and she buried her face in my shirt, crying. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back in circles. I rested my chin on her head and looked over at Harry and Zayn who had worried expressions on their faces. This couldn't go on. I hated seeing Aimee sad. What could I do to help her?      

Authors note
Hey guys! I finally updated!! Yaaaay! Anyway please recommend this to your besties if you like it! I am going to start a new movella but I don't know what it will be. I might have a title contest to find a title and write a fanfic using that title what do u think? 
Ttyl, MWA! 😘
From Lucy

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