The Lucky Win

When 17 year old Aimee wins a contest for her and her best friend Claire to spend 3 days on tour with one direction, they realize that fame, rumors and romance are a lot more difficult then they expected.


5. Love at first sight


"I am going to ask Claire out." I told the boys in the hotel room. 
"Good job bro she's a good match for you." Niall replied through a mouthful of Doritos. 
" Yeah, she's really sweet." I said, thinking of her soft hair and twinkly laugh. 
 " Aimee's cute too," Zayn said. " These girls seem really nice and chill." 
"Yeah. Claire is mine though." I warned the boys jokingly. Harry laughed and Louis imitated me.
" Claire is mine! I have known her for thirty minutes! I love Claire! Louis mocked in a low whiny voice supposed to be mine. I elbowed him, making him squeal and the boys laugh harder. Ugh. Sometimes my bandmates were total freaks. But I loved them anyway.


   I needed to look super cute for going downtown with the boys. We were going to walk around London and see everything the guys love and then have dinner at Nandos. I decided to go for a cute and comfy look. I pulled on my skinny jeans and favorite Abercrombie sweater. I slipped into my UGG's and pulled my hair up into a bun. I put on my silver heart necklace. Finally I reapplied mascara and lipgloss and spritzed my new Victoria's Secret perfume on my neck. Perfect. As I walked out of the hotel room I felt strong arms wrap around me and inhaled the scent of cologne. I turned my head around to see Liam smiling at me. 
" Hey gorgeous. I missed you." Liam said making me feel weak in the knees. 
" Hey Liam!" I replied in what I hope sounded like a flirtatious voice. Liam just grinned.
"So Claire.. I have been meaning to ask you... I know we have only known each other for a day now but I really like you. And I wanted to know if you'd go out with me sometime?" Oh. My. God. Liam just asked me out. Liam Payne from One Direction. 
"That would be great." I replied happily.
" Cool! Liam said. How bout I take you on the London eye tomorrow! It's really fun!" I agreed, it sounded fun! And turned to face Liam. He pulled me close and I stared into his dark brown eyes. Then Liam lightly kissed my forehead. I felt so warm and buttery in his arms. I was enjoying it when I heard the door open. Liam and I broke apart and I turned around to see Aimee standing outside our hotel room. Tears welling up in her eyes. I tried to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. Then Aimee glared at me, opened the door to our hotel room and bolted in, slamming the door behind her.

Hey directioners! I knew y'all were waiting for some romance so I gave some 2 ya in that last chapter! I hope you luv my fan fiction! Tell ur friends to read it! 
Question of the day: what's ur fav one direction song?
Thanks for being amaZAYN, fabuLOUIS, phenomiNIALL, extrordinHARRY, brilLIAM readers! Xoxo

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