The Lucky Win

When 17 year old Aimee wins a contest for her and her best friend Claire to spend 3 days on tour with one direction, they realize that fame, rumors and romance are a lot more difficult then they expected.


6. Hide it inside


The image of Liam and Claire in the hall was trapped in my brain. I tried to push it out of my head but it stuck there like an old band-aid that just wouldn't peel off. I was drowning in a teary pile of fluffy white hotel blankets. Unable to come up to the surface. The guy I have been obsessively in love with for years ended up falling in love with my best friend. It's a nightmare come to life. And the horrible thing is, that's not the worst part. Sure, I was sad Liam didn't like me, but what really bothered me was the fact that Claire didn't seem to care about my feelings. She'd seen me crying, but instead of running in to help me she just went with Liam to the boys room to watch Toy Story 2. I thought she was my best friend. She knew more about me than I knew about myself. I trusted her to be my best friend. I thought she had my back. I was wrong. I untangled myself from the messy lump of blanket and looked at the clock. 4:46 I had to be in the boys room, ready for Nando's in 14 minutes! I didn't want to look like the Aimee who stared back at me in the mirror! I quickly changed into my Lululemon yoga pants and mint green sweatshirt with white polka dots. I slipped on my TOMS and wiped away my smudged mascara and lipstick. I reapplied makeup. Perfect. Except... My bracelet. I was wearing the friendship bracelet Claire had made me in 5th grade. That was the year we became best friends. I wore it every day. My bracelet was purple and red, hers was pink and yellow. Those were our favorite colors. Both bracelets had 3 round white beads with the letters BFF on them. Should I take it off? I hesitated for a minute and slid it up my wrist, under my sleeve. I wasn't that mean. I walked down the hall to room 324 and knocked on the door. I could hear Claire and the boys laughing inside. Finally Zayn came to the door.
"Oh, Hey Aimee! Come on in!" He greeted my with a friendly smile. 
"Thanks!" I replied, smiling back. I walked into the loud, messy hotel room, where I was greeted by the other boys. Harry and Louis were playing a video game on the Xbox, Niall was eating (of course), and Liam was on the couch with Claire, her was head on his lap and she giggled as he played with her hair. I turned away and fought tears and screams from escaping out of my mouth. I decided to go check out what Harry and Louis were doing so I walked over to them. I recognized the game it was Call of Duty. I had played it with my cousins and I was really good. I asked to play and they happily let me join. I beat Harry, he was obviously going easy on me and then beat Louis after a long intense game. I could tell they were impressed. We played a few more games, all of which I won, and then it was time to go to Nando's. We got into the van and drove to Nando's. At Nando's, after we had just ordered I felt my phone buzz. I told everyone I'd be in the bathroom and ran to check my text. It was from my friend Liza. And when I saw the text message I nearly fainted. This was bad.

Authors note
Hey girlies! Thanks for all the views! I hope u like my new chapter! Sorry 4 the cliff hangers! I love hearing your comments! I will try to update A.S.A.P! Please like/favorite this movella! I luv u guys! 
~Lucy 😉

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