The Lucky Win

When 17 year old Aimee wins a contest for her and her best friend Claire to spend 3 days on tour with one direction, they realize that fame, rumors and romance are a lot more difficult then they expected.


15. Friends again?

Aimee's P.O.V

"Wait so if I am hired then that means we spend the entire summer on tour with you?"  I asked the boys.
"Yeppers" Louis replied, "I guess your stuck with me for the whole summer!" I laughed then Liam said,
"Claire enjoys being stuck with me right babe?" Claire nodded and they started making out right in front of our faces. 
"Yuck" Harry said, but I didn't care, I had another person on my mind, Niall.

*time pass*

I was walking along the path outside the place where the tour bus was parked humming to myself and thinking about Liam and how amazing this summer would be. I sat down on the moist green grass and watched a little yellow butterfly float delicately around a bush. I was sitting there when I heard Aimee's voice shout from behind me
"Claire! Hey!" She said, coming to sit with me.
" Hey Aim, I feel like I haven't talked to you this whole trip, how do you like the boys? Isn't Liam just the most amazing? He is SUCH a great kisser.." I babbled but then stopped when I saw the hurt spread across Aimee's face. "I...I look Aim, I am really sorry I know he was your celebrity crush and everything it's just..." I trailed off
"It's fine Claire, You two are cute together" Aimee said fiddling with the hem of her coral colored lace skirt. 
"You really don't mind?" I asked her
"Well... I did but then I realized there was nothing I could do to change it you know?" I nodded "And besides, I think I like Niall, He is so adorable! And his eyes..." Aimee and I sat by the lake and talked for hours laughing and talking about the boys. Our friendship wasn't over and I was glad because we had a big summer ahead of us.

hey guys hoped you liked that chapter! I was just wondering if I should continue this movella or write another story or sequel instead PLEASE tell me what you think and read my other movella! I love your feedback! AND OMG 500 VIEWS! Yay! Like/favorite please!


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