last but not least


1. In the woods


 Just imagine you are lost and alone in the woods and all you have is  a necklace locket that was given by your mom . This was the only light to lead your way, and you now must be wondering why I am lost in dappled shades of emerald. I ran away like any other ignorant  15 year old. I just thought it was a good time to leave and move on, I just felt trapped and stuck. Seeing all the problems that are going in my family. My mom passed away when i was 5  and then my dad divorced, remarried thinking everything would go better. It never worked out really I did have 2 step sisters who are purely ignorant but they left me and my dad and started to live with my aunt who is very sufficient and owns a big mansion with a load of money on her hands but is too selfish to lend my dad some.

12:00 midnight

my dad is sleeping right now he doesn't know i'm gone but its for the good,and if he ever needs me i'll come back. I was already getting bad grades which got my dad stressed so I thought leaving him would be a good idea. You know what I'm stupid I make mistakes but im old enough to know who I am and what I am supposed to be. I do love my dad but I feel like he despises me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable, I am pretty sure I make everything worse and remind him of mom because of how much I resembled her.


i'm still 5 miles away from my home and want to find way to get out of here somewhere to know that i'd be safe. Have you heard of the Hunger Games? Well that game is going on now and is near where i live the nation of panem. It's about 12 districts amd one girl and one boy in the ages between 12-18 who are   chosen by ticket to fight in their district and pretty much kill eachother. I don't really know anything about this, but Katniss i have met her a few times and she taught me many skills for achery and survival so im great! I hope district 12 wins and Katniss to be the person to claim victory.

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