The Blackmailer

Melissa is best friends with someone who wants more than just Melissa. Tiffany knows she is destined for success in popularity, and when she decides to take the chance, she makes it. A heartbroken and confused Melissa thinks an existence without Tiffany is a life without the sun until she realizes that it isn't her fault. Slowly growing insane from the silence and secrets she'd been holding for so long, she lashes out in hopes that her friend will fall from grace and back to her. She goes from the bullied to the Blackmailer overnight. Will Melissa realize it or go insane from the power she now possesses anonymously?


5. With the Loss of Weight Comes the Loss of a Lifetime


            Tiffany and I have one class together out of seven. Seriously, Fate? Only one out of seven classes with my best friend? Out of seven, you chose to only give me one?! What did I do to you guys?

            The class isn’t even a lunch class. In that one class we have together, science class, our teacher has us on opposite sides of class. Maybe the Gold Pole only works for tests and quizzes, not the long-term stuff. Darn.

            Speak of the devil, though; I’m in that class now. As if Tiffany would notice. Her new weight made her the old-weight’s amount of new friends, which gave her that much more time to forget my existence. Is it possible for someone to just forget you after being friends since the fifth grade? I shouldn’t be worried, though; we’re friends forever, right? Tiffany isn’t that kind of person.

            “Her, Mel,” I heard a voice behind me say. A gentle head-pat with a hardcover book to the head identified to me who it was. My face flushed in seconds.

            “Sammy, hi! You’re in this class?” I said. Outwardly I was happy, and inwardly I cringed at how loud I am. Sammy smiled, taking the seat behind me.

            “Yeah, I am.” Sammy said. He looked past me for a second to the crowd around Tiff. His eyes fixed themselves on her for a few seconds before shifting back to me.

            “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You look upset.”

            “I do?” I asked. I tried to play innocent about it, but truth-be-told I am pretty upset. The first day of my high school career is turning into one of the biggest let-downs since the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries lasted three days. Tiff and I were supposed to be as joined-at-the-hip as we have been our entire lives. It definitely isn’t turning out that way, though; she hasn’t spoken to me since the bus stop. Even when she walked into class, she was too busy to wave.

            Science went by way too slowly. Although the thought of Sammy behind me made me happy, the knowledge of Tiffany not being around was giving me a separation anxiety like a preschooler saying good-bye to their parents in the morning. At last, the bell rang, and Tiffany was still packing as class ended. I pretended to be organizing my bag to wait for her new friends to leave, but they didn’t. I started to head out until I heard my old nickname. I know eavesdropping is wrong, but you’d do the same thing, right? I hid behind the wall.

            “God, she’s so obvi. Like, how long has she even known that guy and she’s totally tripping over her tongue.” From the nasal quality of the voice, I could tell it was Willow.

            “Guys, c’mon. I doubt she’s crushing that hard.” Tiffany said. Oh, no, I thought. The last thing I need is for those popular girls to know about Sammy. And since when is it anatomically possible for someone to trip over their own tongue?! I didn’t even have to peek inside to know they were all judgingly staring Tiffany down, giggling a little.

            “Is she still your friend?” asked Vivian. My eyes widened and I held back a gasp. This was the moment of truth. I can finally hear her opinion on me.

            “Yeah, kinda.” Tiffany said. “She’s clingy and she won’t stop wearing that stupid necklace everywhere – there’s rust on the chain, for crying out loud – but my mom would be kind of shocked to see her go.”

            “YOUR MOM WOULD BE SHOCKED TO SEE ME GO?! NOT EVEN YOU YOURSELF, BUT YOUR MOM?!” I screamed, stamping into the room like I had been passing by. Even in my rages, I am a meticulous planner. The whole room went wide-eyed.

            “Oh, h-hey Mel!” Tiffany shivered before regaining her cool. “We were just talking about you!”


            “Cool it, Melonhead!” Willow sneered, stepping slightly in front of Tiffany. Vivian and some of their other groupies protected her, too.

            “Jesus, first day of high school and you’re already stoned. Do you even know who you’re screeching at?”

            “Yeah, I do!” I said, still loud but not as angry as before. “I know exactly who I’m talking to.”

            I was shaking and on the verge of tears as I did it, but I ripped it off. My piece of serenity, the sign that no matter what happened I had someone in the world to count on was off of my neck. My symbol of peace clattered to the floor with a metallic clank. Freedom doesn’t feel as great as you’d think it would.

            “Your necklace…” Tiffany said.

            “I know exactly who I'm talking to." I reiterated. "I’m face-to-face with my former best friend.”

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