Everything About You

Zara has just moved to England from the United States with her friends who have family living there.They are entering a new school for senior year not knowing they would bump into the boys


2. Love at first sight



    Harry ' s P.O.V 

    Every morning we all get ready kwick and go to school but  today it took us allot more to get ready but we finally did and then we went to school very happy. When we got there all the girls from yesterday were already there we thought about going up to them and saying hi but Niall was to shy to go so he stayed back and just stared at us.


   Niall ' s P.O.V

   I didn't want to go because I was to shy so I just stayed in a bench and stared and the minute the boys reached the girls one of them walked of i wanted to know why so i followed her " hi are you ok " I asked her " yeah im fine thank you " she said " whats youre name " I asked her " Emily, what's your'es " she asked me " i'm Niall " we started to talk until the bell rang the boys were hanging out with her friends and i was with  her for the rest of the day we talked about all kinds of things she told me things that made me laugh allot and i told her about my hometown in Ireland at the end of the day i asked her for her number and she gave it to me and i gave mine to her then she went with her friends and i went with the boys. 


   Emily ' s P.O.V 

   I meet Niall he was really cute and we had allot in common the girls were in love Ashley wanted Harry Zara wanted Zayn Olivia wanted Liam and Sophia wanted Louis an well i was begining to like Niall the day went great and then we went to sleep

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