Everything About You

Zara has just moved to England from the United States with her friends who have family living there.They are entering a new school for senior year not knowing they would bump into the boys


1. New to England



     Zara ' s P.O.V 

    I was moving to England for my senior year with the rest of my friends it was a new life away from my mom so that made it good me and my mom hated eacth other after my dad left when i was seven we never got along she hated me and I hated her so instead of spending my senior year in hell i decided to come to England with my friends.


   Sophia ' s P.O.V 

    I could see that everyone was nervous just like me they put on the same exact thing they weared for freshman year they were finally done we ate breakfast and left to school on the way there we were listening to music we loved music any kind we simply loved it. 


   Emily ' s P.O.V 

   When we got there everyone was in theyre own business wicth was good cause we didnt wanna draw atention we hated it when people stared at us we felt akward evry time someone did. When we got to class we saw 5 seats in the back of the room so we took them the good thing about this school was we all got the same classes. There were also 5 seats in front of us butt we preffer the back of the classroom a few minutes later 5 boys walked in one had curly black hair another had blonde hair he was cute another had stripes on and red skinny jeans another had only a few hair and the last had nice hair he had allot of tattos but anyway we didnt pay much atention to them. 


    Natallie ' s P.O.V 

   The class was very boring and besides it was math we allsuck at math and to make it worst it had to do with division and i could see the girls didnt understand anything when class was over we had science and the morning when usual nothing weird happened at lunch we just sat down next to a table with 5 guys who were in all of our classes but none of us payed atention to them we just continued our usual conversations 


    Ashley ' s P.O.V 

    when school was over we went outside and waited for Emily to come back from the bathroom while we waited we talked about regular things when a boy came up to us and said " are you guys gonna stay here all day " he asked " no were waiting for our friend to come back from the bathroom " i told him " ok just wondering " after that Emily showed up and we left home we did our homework and the rest of the afternoon was normal 

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