Tiara of the Last Dragon

It is a story set on another planet where magic is long lost ... or so people think. There is an ancient prophecy foretelling a devastating tragedy that will start a whole chain of effects. Fae is caught in the middle and plunged into a whole new world of danger to find her true self.


2. The Queen Is Dead

Queen Katana looked down on her old friend mournfully. Queen Ruby looked horribly pale. Her silky brown hair was damp and stuck to her face which was burning up from the fever that drained her life force.

Her other friends, Queen Chastity, Queen Ivy and Queen Valentina were there too, with glum looks printed on their faces. Ruby smiled weakly at them all.

“Please, don’t look so sad. These things happen. Death is only natural.” Katana managed a weak smile. She and Ruby had shared so many good times together, which made it increasingly difficult to say goodbye.

“My daughter...?” Queen Ruby croaked, looking around and then realising her daughter was not there.

“Ruby, you’re daughter was taken by a hag, remember.” Ivy told her gently, her voice soothing the dying queen. “We had the whole Kingdom search for her.” Ruby nodded weakly, as if remembering the painful thought.

Queen Ruby had left no other heir, female or male, and therefore her bloodline would die with her. This left the five queens in a rather difficult position. No one could take the Queen of Magic’s place. It had to be a direct bloodline. But she had no one.

Queen Katana’s son, Tome Shadow, came running in.

“Mother, I came as soon as I heard.” He bowed to his mother first and then hurried to Queen Ruby’s bedside. Ruby had always had a hard time talking to Tome ever since her daughter was taken. They had been play mates when they were younger. It was painful for Ruby.

“Queen Ruby, I have prayed to the five for your health.” He told her humbly, taking hold of her hands. She smiled, grimacing slightly.

“I am certain they will not answer, dear boy.” She replied, her eyelids fluttering. Katana grabbed her friend’s hand from her son, shaking them slightly as if it would keep her awake.

“Please, Ruby, do not leave us.” Queen Katana begged. Ruby squeezed her hand gently.

“It’s my time, Katana.” She whispered as lightly as a feather, her eyes becoming still. Prince Tome led his mother away, whispering calming things as they left the room.

“So what now?” Queen Chastity asked. The other queens shot her a look of annoyance. “What?!” Queen Ivy looked at Queen Valentina.

“We find her daughter.”

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