Tiara of the Last Dragon

It is a story set on another planet where magic is long lost ... or so people think. There is an ancient prophecy foretelling a devastating tragedy that will start a whole chain of effects. Fae is caught in the middle and plunged into a whole new world of danger to find her true self.


3. Caught in the Act

Fae looked around, feeling nauseous. It wasn’t like she hadn’t done this kind of thing before but she always felt like she was being watched. It’s probably your imagination, she told herself stubbornly.

But today, she wasn’t Fae. She was Honor Roam, a serving girl at the castle. She remembered her mother’s words.

“You get that Tiara, if it’s the last thing you do. Do you understand me, Fae?”

Fae nodded.

“Good. Queen Ruby has just passed away. The whole castle will be in despair. No one will notice a serving girl slipping into her chambers. I want you to find the Tiara of the last Dragon and bring it to me.”

Fae nodded. She did a lot of nodding. She didn’t do a lot of speaking.

“Well get on with it!”

She’d come up with the name herself. Fae had decided it sounded sufficiently innocent. Her mother was always telling her to get things from people. No, it wasn’t stealing. She preferred the term ‘borrowing without return’.

So there she was, wandering with what she hoped was an innocent look on her face. You see, Fae didn’t do innocent. She did stubborn, clever, and slightly obnoxious.

She didn’t look innocent either. You know how people relate innocent girls with flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. Fae had neither. She had silky, long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes with pale skin.

Fae flew around the castle, searching for Queen Ruby’s chambers. It was almost as if she knew this place but she knew it was all down to her navigation skills. She did bump into a few other serving girls, looking rather teary but tried to avoid talking to anyone. Whenever she saw one of the Royals, she would duck out of sight, hoping no one would see her to report the crime.

Eventually, she reached the late queen’s chambers. Her room was beautiful in a word. It was a big open space with a window seat. I’ve always wanted one of those, Fae thought fondly. Queen Ruby obviously loved the colour red. It was everywhere. The sheets were red, the pillows were red, the clothes in her closet were red, even the perfume bottles on her dressing table were red.

Fae tried to ignore all this and went straight to the drawers. She pulled out the first, then the second and then all of the rest, but there was no Tiara. Fae looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be seen. Where is it? Fae thought, panicking slightly.

“It’s not here.” She heard a low, rich voice tell her from the doorway. She turned, slightly shocked. Fae hadn’t bothered to learn any of the Royal sons and daughters names.

“What’s not here?” Fae asked innocently. He raised an eyebrow, his light brown hair falling across those dusty blue eyes.

“I think you know.” The boy replied, striding towards her. “Who are you?” He asked, only a few centimetres away. She stepped back, feeling her ankle hit the chest behind her. Fae winced.

“Honor Roam.” She replied not missing a beat. He tilted his head to one side, frowning.

“You don’t look like an Honor.” He told her. “What’s your real name?” Fae looked mildly irritated. Who did this guy think he was? Oh, you know. Just a Prince, her head snapped. She rolled her eyes.

“That is my real name.” She replied stiffly. The Prince shrugged stepping away.

“GUARDS.” Crap. That was Fae’s only thought as three large men in the royal colours stormed in and lifted her up by my arms.

“Take her to the cells.” He told them, avoiding her angry gaze.

So that is how Fae Furor had ended up in a prison cell, iron bars caving in on her every time she looked away. She sat back, her head banging against the cold, faded black walls. There was one, basically no existent window which had random little filled in gaps to stop prisoners from receiving things from the outside or trying to escape, although Fae was sure you’d have to be way more than anorexic to fit through that small a hole.

There were also various straws of hay lying around, but no enough for a comfy bed, which was probably the point. Fae collected them all together, making a comfy pillow at least. She looked longingly out of one of the small gaps in the hole, but it was still dark. The whole kingdom had been plunged into darkness ever since Queen Ruby died. No one knew why. Most thought it was because she had no heir.

This is what you get when you’re caught, Fae thought irritated. If it hadn’t been for that stupid Prince, she would have been fine. She punched the wall angrily. How could she have been so stupid? And what did he mean ‘it’s not here’. Where else could it be? Someone hadn’t beaten her to it had they?

She thought of Queen Ruby. Where would a Queen of Magic hide her Tiara? Fae didn’t have the slightest clue.

Fae also thought of the other Queen’s. There was Queen Katana, the Queen of Earth and everything, you know, natural like water and fire. There was also Queen Chastity was apparently unbearable. She was Queen of Hate and all negative things. Then there was Queen Ivy, the exact opposite of Chastity. She was the Queen of Love and all happy things. Next was Queen Valentina, the Queen of Day and Night, and apparently the weather too. Last but not least had been Queen Ruby, the Magic Queen.

According to legend, each Queen had represented one of the five gods. Queen Katana was supposedly Aranidia, the goddess of Earth, just like Katana. Queen Chastity was Cateah, the god of Hate. Queen Ivy was Saraas, the goddess of love. Queen Valentina was Ired, the god of Day and Night and Queen Ruby was Rhineys, the goddess of Magic. Of course, that was just a legend. But five is supposed to be a very lucky number.

“Pssttt.” Fae jumped out of her skin. She looked up to see an unfortunate looking lady standing on the other side of the iron bars.

“Are you Fae Furor?” She asked hurriedly. For the stupidest reason, Fae nodded. She smiled sitting down. “I need to talk to you.”

“Wait, who are you?” Fae asked. Taking a proper look at this woman, she could see she hadn’t inherited looks at all, except for her beautiful, long silky hair braided in a plait. Her eyes were a very dull grey, but in the moonlight, were lit with excitement, making her almost pretty. She had been cursed with a masculine jaw that did her no favours whatsoever.

“I’m Amber, a priestess.” Fae frowned, raising her eyebrow. She didn’t believe in all that magic nonsense. Sure, there were loads of myths about it, hence the word myth and there was even a Queen for it, but that didn’t make it real. It made other people stupid.

“There is a prophecy Fae, one very important for you. You must listen to it. You are part of it:

When five queens are left alone,

One daughter will be stolen by a crone.

A tragedy will light the way,

For a hero, come the day.

The whole of the land will go dark,

With only the hope of one spark.

A quest of a five will begin,

To end all of the sin.

The child will return again,

To claim hold over her domain.”

Fae stared at her. How on hell was she part of that?

“That has nothing to do with me, I’m sorry.” Fae told her, taking in what she’d heard. Amber shook her head stubbornly.

“Don’t you understand? You’re going to go on a quest and find the Tiara of the last Dragon and bring it back here. The child of the prophecy has come, Fae, and you must find her. She’s there somewhere, you’ll see. When the time is right, you will know who Queen Ruby’s daughter really is.” She stared at her.

“Who is Queen Ruby’s daughter?” Fae asked, thinking Amber might tell her the answer. Amber smiled knowingly.

“Queen Ruby’s daughter is-” She stopped dead, hearing footsteps slip almost silently down the stairs. They stared at each other for a brief second, fear registering in Amber’s eyes.

“Remember, find Queen Ruby’s daughter. If you don’t, she will find you.” She disappeared. Literally. Fae stared, gobsmacked. It was an illusion, she told herself stubbornly. Magic wasn’t real.

The footsteps continued down the winding steps. When they stopped at the bottom, Fae could not make out who it was, not that she would have known anyway. As the agile figure stepped out of the darkness, a wave of terror washed over her, for unapparent reasons.

When she could see the lady before her, she didn’t have to guess who it was. Queen Chastity. Anyone would know her. She had ebony curls that went to the middle of her back and blood red eyes that only her bloodline had ever had.

Her dress was also black with silver jewellery hanging from her waist, ears and neck. Fae looked her up and down, wondering what Queen Chastity was here for. Obviously, it wasn’t something good.

“I take it you know who I am.” The queen before her said in a stiff voice. Fae nodded. “And I also take it you knew who you were stealing from.” Again, she nodded. Queen Chastity made a tutting noise that Fae had never expected to hear from anyone.

“It’s a shame you got caught then, isn’t it, my dear?” Fae shrugged, trying not to show the anger boiling beneath the surface. “What is your name, child?”


“Your real name, if you please.” Queen Chastity scolded. Fae rolled her eyes. Clearly she’d talked to the Prince. In fact, he was probably her son.  When Queen Chastity saw Fae was not going to say a thing, she shrugged, looking mildly angry.

“I just came down to congratulate you... oh wait! You got caught.” Fae felt her jaw clench and her fists ball. Queens could be such... well, queens.

“What is your point?” Fae snapped, tired of the Hate Queens presence. Queen Chastity tutted at her again, much to Fae’s annoyance, but carried on talking as if Fae had no offended her in the slightest.

“Tomorrow, Fae, you shall be brought before the five Queens to decide your fate.” Queen Chastity smiled, an evil glint sparkling in her eyes. “I hope you are ready.”

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