Tiara of the Last Dragon

It is a story set on another planet where magic is long lost ... or so people think. There is an ancient prophecy foretelling a devastating tragedy that will start a whole chain of effects. Fae is caught in the middle and plunged into a whole new world of danger to find her true self.


1. Prologue

Amber stared angrily at the priestess standing before her. She knew this woman had everything she didn’t. She had that flowing white hair that looked like it was made from pure moonlight and piercing blue eyes that seemed just like water. She even had the magical talents that Amber did not.

The only thing that the priestess, Star, did not posses was a heart.

Amber was not pretty at all. She had a strong, masculine jaw, grey eyes and dead straight brown hair braided her back.

“The prophecy has to be fulfilled.” Amber snapped, glaring coldly at her. Star smirked, almost laughing at her. Star had always seen herself as superior and maybe she was. But Amber was sure she was no better than herself.

“The prophecy will destroy us.” Star replied just as coolly. “It cannot come to pass.”

“It’s a prophecy! It will happen. It is inevitable!” Amber cried, flicking some hair from her face, hoping it looked dramatic enough for Star.

“It’s not inevitable if I find the child first and kill her.” Star growled. Amber gasped. She couldn’t mean it, could she? Star, however heartless she may be, would never kill someone. Would she?

Amber studied Star warily, trying to read her. But Star was too unpredictable, too difficult to understand.

“I swear on everything we have ever learnt and practiced as priestesses that I will protect the girl, whatever it takes, Star. You will not touch her.” Amber spat every word with as much force as she could muster. Star looked mildly amused.

“Fine then. I swear on everything I have ever cared about that I will destroy her. And then you’ll see I was doing this for both of us.” Star replied, giving her a very dramatic look of evils and then flouncing off.

Amber stood there, shaking heavily. She didn’t know what to do. Star would stop at nothing to get this girl. And Amber knew the prophecy must be fulfilled. She also knew she had to find her before Star. Which meant she didn’t have much time...

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