We have one week! (or maybe more?)

Ally is a normal girl.. who loves One Direction. That day she goes on a concert of 1D, but suddenly it's not just a concert anymore! someone is interested in her...

It's my first movella! I'm sorry for my bad english... :D I'll be grateful, if u comment or like my story :) lot's of love! Xx


5. Why me?

The noise of music put me into reality again. 'OMG, Ally! It starts!' I felt bad. I felt like i would fall a 100 of meters deep. I recognised the melody of 'Up all night'. Suddenly five wonderful, beautiful, sexy, sweet, funny, good lokking boys came on stage. Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry, One Direction. I secretly love Harry.. he's my favourite, but don't get me wrong! I love them all! I heard myself screaming. 'OMG, Ally! Stop that!' I said to myself. When I heard them singing and talking and just stand there I felt sp relaxed. It was just perfect.

Then my favourite track came on: 'Over again'. I just love the meaning of the song and the melody, it's just beautiful. When it was Harry's part of the song I didn't realize that he lokked in my direction. How should I? There were so many screaming girls all arround me! Suddenly Liam said something to Harry and pointed at me. OMG! What to do now?! I just acted like I hadn't see his move. But this thought stucked in my mind. Why where they talking about me? ME?! The little girl with the ugly face..

Soon I would know.


Thanks for reading my story until now! I'll update it soon! Lots of love Xx

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