We have one week! (or maybe more?)

Ally is a normal girl.. who loves One Direction. That day she goes on a concert of 1D, but suddenly it's not just a concert anymore! someone is interested in her...

It's my first movella! I'm sorry for my bad english... :D I'll be grateful, if u comment or like my story :) lot's of love! Xx


2. What to wear?

It was always a big question for me. The blue top with the dark green trousers or the white top with the black leggins? ugh, it was so difficult for me! After a while I decided to wear a casual white top with black leggind with flower print on it. I was happy with my choice.

I went into the bathroo, and looked into the mirror. A girl with long brown hair, big green eyes, braces and bad acne looked me in the eyes. I'm so ugly. I hater my face, it's just so... eww.. I put on my make up. After I got my bag, I went downstairs. I supposed that Sofie was already waiting for me.

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