We have one week! (or maybe more?)

Ally is a normal girl.. who loves One Direction. That day she goes on a concert of 1D, but suddenly it's not just a concert anymore! someone is interested in her...

It's my first movella! I'm sorry for my bad english... :D I'll be grateful, if u comment or like my story :) lot's of love! Xx


6. unbelievable

The rest of the concert was so good! I really enjoyed it. 'Ally the concert was so perfect! Don't you think?' 'Yeah sure! I loved it!' I said back to Sofie. Suddenly i felt someone tipping on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a man with an headsat. 'Hi, you're ordered to come backstage.' The man said in an unfriendly tone. 'Me? Why? wait WHAT?' 'If I could tell you, it would be easier for me too!' He said nervously. 'Um, ok. Can my friend come with us?' I asked and pointed on Sofie. He sighed 'Yes, why not.' We followed him backstage and there they stood. All five, all five of One Direction. As Harry saw me he came over to me. 'Hello dear! How are you?' he said in that cheeky way, HIS cheeky way. 'Um, I'm good?' 'Are you sure?' He asked with a big smile on his face. Omg I couldn't believe it! I was talking to Harry Styles!

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