We have one week! (or maybe more?)

Ally is a normal girl.. who loves One Direction. That day she goes on a concert of 1D, but suddenly it's not just a concert anymore! someone is interested in her...

It's my first movella! I'm sorry for my bad english... :D I'll be grateful, if u comment or like my story :) lot's of love! Xx


4. Stunning

Sofie and me went out the car and i hugged my mom to say bye and thanks. 'Ally! I need you, please! I have to scream my soul out!' 'OK, Sofie I'll coem in a second to scream with you! I want Africa to hear us!' I laughed at Sofie. Sofie, my true, my best, my only friend. I love her. She always there for me and I can talk with her about everything! 'K, bye mom. Love you.' 'Love you too, hun! have fun!'

After my mom left I joined the queue Sofie was waiting in. 'You want to scream of all those people?!' I asked a bit scared. 'Yeah, why not? They're as crazy as us!' she said with a big smile on her face. 'Haha, ok. I count to three: one, two, three!' and we screamed till our breath was completely away. It was nice, I feel better now. Way better!

When terrible hours of waiting were over, we stood in the huge arena.  'OMG.' I said with my mouth opened. This was stunning! So huge and there were so many seats. I just realized where i was. I hadn't believe of me going to an One Direction concert, but I was finally there, not dreaming, there was no way back. 'Ally, come over, here are our seats!' Row D, seats 14 and 15. In front of them. In front of my idols.

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