We have one week! (or maybe more?)

Ally is a normal girl.. who loves One Direction. That day she goes on a concert of 1D, but suddenly it's not just a concert anymore! someone is interested in her...

It's my first movella! I'm sorry for my bad english... :D I'll be grateful, if u comment or like my story :) lot's of love! Xx


1. The big day

Today was the day. THAT day! i couldn`t believe it! Today was the day ehen i`m gonna see my inspiration, my idols, my LIFE! The biggest boyband in the world, One Direction. I had looked forward to this event for weeks, to be honest for months!

'Ally, come down! BREAKFAST!' 'Yes mom! Just a minute!' I yelles to my mom. I love my mom, she's always there for me. I can come to her when I feel sad, mad or just lonely. Besides of 1D, she's one of my big idols too! I owe everything to her.

I put on some worm socks, it was winter, amd ran down to see my mom standing in front of me with pancakes in her hands. 'Here, sweetheart, for you. I bet you're nervous... you know what i mean!' she smiled at me. 'Aww, thanks mom! You're the best! I defentely need some!' I gave her a big hug and she handed me the pancakes. Yum pancakes! She knows hot to make me feel happy.

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