Dancing with the dead

The story follows the life of a young school boy named Chris who is turned into a vampire by his crush and how he has to cope with his new abilities and juggle relationships, his social life and his last year at high school's exams whilst learning to control himself from ripping his friend's hearts out and drinking the blood.


1. Prologue


I couldn’t move. The pain was too much for me to bear. The metallic pole shot out of my stomach dragging the flesh with it. Blood pumped out form the slits of the gaping hole whilst some flowed through the inside of the pole and dribbled down the side. I couldn’t scream. I could hardly breathe! I just lay there; a limp body, emotionless, unable to show any sign of life- I was no better than a corpse. Death was coming, slowly but surely. I had lost too much blood; there was no chance I could survive. I accepted it, I accepted death- maybe it was my time.   Alisha was over me, staring down at the bloody mess of my torso. I half expected her to give in to her instincts and start feeding but she didn't  She just stared at the wound, with a look as if she had seen a ghost. She wasn't frightened but merely contemplating on what she should do. Soon enough her gaze snapped away from my stomach as the idea came to her mind. She looked into my eyes and lowered herself closer to me then slowly raised me off the pole. An immense pain shot through my body as the pole slid through my stomach once again- this time; backwards. I let out a cry of excruciation and then she placed me next to the pole. I looked down into the hole in my stomach and then to the long sharp pole to my left. Alisha lifted her wrist to her mouth and bit deep into her veins. Blood flew out and ran down the sides of her arm. She then held her arm out to me and told me to drink. I felt repulsed; sick at the mere thought of her cold blood running down my throat. I managed to shake my head slightly.  “You’ll die!” She gasped. I couldn’t allow myself to go in such a gruesome way. I felt the fear of death overwhelm me. I opened my mouth to her wound and let her blood pulse out her veins and down my throat. The taste made me want to barf but I couldn’t stop drinking. It was as if a frenzy had formed and the sick revolting blood wouldn’t stop travelling in through my mouth and down my gullet. Alisha forced her hand away from my lips and allowed herself to heal. As for me; I tilted back my head and closed my eyes. I felt cold and weak and then all my senses gave up. I no longer tasted the blood. I could no longer smell my rotting flesh. I couldn’t hear Alisha as her mouth indicated she was speaking to me. Then darkness came and I could no longer see. I was still awake but just barely. I felt weaker than I thought was ever possible and I began to slip away... and then I died.    I don’t know how long I was out. It could have been ten minutes or an hour maybe? I was freezing. I couldn’t see or hear anything; all I felt was the ice cold air catching my breath. I began to hear faint sounds of traffic and then owls cooing above me. Then a horrific smell caught my nose. It was the smell of raw meat. My body wouldn’t obey my command as I tried to scrunch my nose up at the odour. I was paralysed and blind for around ten minutes, with just the smell and the noise informing me I was conscious. I started to feel the leaves under my body slightly and I was able to wiggle my fingers a bit. Then my sight returned to me. I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the light of the moon and the stars. I was still in the forest in the exact same spot as I had remembered. I looked around. I could see much clearer than I had remembered. I could see the insects on the tree bark a good ten metres away from me as if they were right in front of my eyes with the help of a magnifying glass. I looked down at where my wound had used to be and there was nothing there. Just the stains from the blood and a tiny scar but the pole next to me had still been dripping with my blood and flesh. I helped myself up. I couldn’t feel any pain; in fact I felt better than I had been in years. I was full of energy and my muscles were as relaxed as ever. I rolled up my sleeves and examined my chalk white skin. I could feel the ice cold blood racing around my body. I placed a hand over my heart to feel for a beat- nothing. I was dead. It had worked. There was neither sign of Alisha nor any that she had even been there. I searched my pockets for my phone which was running dangerously low on battery. 23:34.  “Fuck!” I dashed out of the woods and down the pathway to the main road. Then I sprinted through the streets to my home a good 4 miles from where I had been. I never stopped to catch my breath and I didn’t break a sweat the whole time. When I got to the front door of my apartment I checked the time again. 23:39! I couldn’t believe it. If I had driven home it would have taken me around ten minutes and yet here I was in five, sticking the key into my front door and tiptoeing into the hallway. There were no lights on. Luckily my mother had decided to go out for drinks with her friends that night and didn’t get home till three in the morning. I turned the light on in my room and went to the mirror. My skin was so pale it looked as if I was incredibly ill with the flu. Then I noticed something else. My eyes were almost glowing; my iris had changed to the colour blue and my pupils were tiny. I looked almost evil! I could see the monster I had become. My lips were almost colourless too. The only good thing was that my acne and dry skin had disappeared. I couldn’t look at myself any longer. I sat on the edge of my bed. ‘What have I done? Why the fuck did I become one of them. I don’t want to be dead! I like my life. What if I need to leave home? What about Mum? What am I suppose to do?’ I was clueless. All I could think of at that moment was bed. I had to sleep. It takes a lot out of you; dying. I had one of the most deep sleeps I have ever had that night but it ended soon enough as the curtains were pulled back the next morning and I got a very bad sunburn.   
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