Sophomores and Seniors

**One Direction Not Famous**

You know what they say? The captain of the cheer leading squad must go out with the quarter back but what if you don't like him. Adina Summers is being forced to go out with the quarterback of the lacrosse team but she has another crush in mind. A Senior heartthrob named Harry.

Adina's 4 best friends Stella, Tamara, Cornelia and Luchia each have a crush on another senior which happen to be Harry's friends. What happens when they start to go out? Jealously will form and enemies will steep low to make them break up will they be strong enough. Read more and find out.


6. Chapter 6


Sorry chapter is a bit short. Please no hate. Hope you like it




When we got to the venue. Paul opened the door for us. We stepped out. Man the place was amazing. Harry was holding my hand. I smiled. We had photos. After that we headed into the place and stopped in the hall. Harry put his arms around my waist. "This will be you in two years" Harry whispered.

I nodded. Harry kissed my cheek. When it reached 7 we walked in a massive ball room. Wow it was amazing. Everything looked so perfect. We got to our table and sat down. Once everyone was seated. Megan (school bitch) and Taylor (ex-cheerleader) stood up and started to talk. "Hello everyone we wanted to welcome you to this years prom.

We hope you have fun tonight. Your prom queen and king are well what you voted was the best couple of this year. Doesn't matter what year 12's what matters is how many people notice your realtionship" Megan said.

Taylor grabbed the microphone. "Before we start of the night we wanted to thank the amazing teachers for helping us out and making up become the person we want to. We wanted to thank all the year 12's who turned up tonight to celebrate their last day of school together" Taylor said.

Megan grabbed the microphone again. "As you can see their is a buffet table by table the Dj will call you to get your food once everyone is done you can go for seconds. But be careful some people eat a lot" Megan looked at Niall then turned back and contuined, "Then after that the Dj will call each table to get their photos done. So now I can say enjoy prom because now it starts."

Niall looked upset. "Niall don't worry" Louis said. Niall nodded. Once our table was called we got our food and sat down. Well I was the first.

Then Harry followed me. I heard some year 12's say things about me. "You okay?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Yeah" I said. All of us started to eat. "Fat pig" megan said. I stood up and walked out.


Harry's POV

"Fat pig" Megan said. Adina stood up and walked out. I put my fork down and looked at megan. "Fat pig huh. You should love before you call someone else fat. Ugly bitch" I said and walked out. Ooh's came from the room. I looked around and saw Adina on the couch crying. I got there and sat down. "Ad" I said.

Adina kept crying. "I'm sorry" Adina said. I was so confused, "For what?" I asked. Adina looked at me. "Ruining the night" Adina said. She looked down again. "You didn't megan did. You could never ruin a night. No one babe" I said. Adina smiled a little. She looked at me. I raised my hand and wiped the tears off. I then pressed my lips onto hers. Adina smiled and kissed back.

we pulled back and smiled. I stood up. I grabbed Adina's hand helping her up and we walked back into the room. I glared at Megan. "Dude that wasn't cool" Louis said. "I don't care no one calls my girlfriend a fat pig when they aren't" I said and sat down.

It was our time for photos. We waited in line. Once we got to the front the lady told us where to go. We did. We stood where the girl told us to. She took photos perfect. After that we had a group photo. We had serious and funny. 

We walked out and got back to our table.


Adina's POV

Later on in the night it came up to the awards. "Prom queen goes to.... Adina Summers and prom king Harry Styles" Taylor said. Louis screamed for us. Harry and I stood up we made our way over. Once I got the Tiara on and Harry got the crown on we made our way to the dance floor. "Now Adina and Harry will do the waltz" Taylor said.

Harry looked at me as we dance. "You know we might not get this when I finish" I whispered. "You never know babe" Harry said. Once we finished. Everyone clapped. Then everyone else got onto the dance floor. Harry pressed his lips onto mine.

I smiled. We pulled back. Before the night finished. Niall and Luchia, Louis and Stella, Zayn and Cornelia, Liam and Tamara where kissing. 

"I enjoyed it tonight" Harry whispered in my ear. I looked at him. "I did too" I said. Once prom finished. We left. We waited for Paul.

Megan walked out. "Well looks like you have no taste harry" Megan said. Harry laughed, "Oh and you are better. I would rather date a nice girl than a mean one" Harry said.

Paul came. He opened the door for us. We got in and Paul drove us home. When we got home. We thanked Paul again. He smiled and drove off.

We hugged everyone goodbye. Harry and I walked in. We got to my room. I shut the door. I got dressed for bed. Harry wore his jocks. We got into the bed and fell asleep.

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