Sophomores and Seniors

**One Direction Not Famous**

You know what they say? The captain of the cheer leading squad must go out with the quarter back but what if you don't like him. Adina Summers is being forced to go out with the quarterback of the lacrosse team but she has another crush in mind. A Senior heartthrob named Harry.

Adina's 4 best friends Stella, Tamara, Cornelia and Luchia each have a crush on another senior which happen to be Harry's friends. What happens when they start to go out? Jealously will form and enemies will steep low to make them break up will they be strong enough. Read more and find out.


5. Chapter 5


Today is Harry's prom. Meaning last day of school for him. Last day I will see him in the school halls. Hannah was being looked after by Anne again. She doesn't mind. It makes her happy to have a little kid around again. And Hannah loves Anne like a lot.

I took a massive breath. Harry put his arms around me. "You okay?" Harry asked. I nodded. Harry kissed my neck. "What's up?" Harry asked. "I am going to miss you. I won't be able to see you until I come home now. I loved seeing you in the school halls" I said.

Harry smiled. "I am going to miss that too" Harry said. Harry looked at the time. "I will be going to Louis' now. The girls will be here soon" Harry said. I nodded. Harry pecked my lips. "See you later tonight Kitten" Harry smiled. I nodded. Harry left walking down the stairs. I sighed.


Luchia's POV

I looked at Niall. I sat on the bed. Niall faced me and walked up to me. "What's wrong love?" Niall asked. I looked up at Niall. "I won't be able to see you in the school anymore. I am going to miss that when we were too nervous to admit our feelings" I said.

Niall sighed. He sat next to me and hugged me. "I will miss it too but we have to be strong. I bet you all the girls will feel the same way" Niall said. I nodded. Niall pecked my lips. "I better go to Louis' house. You are meeting at Adina's aren't you" Niall said.

I nodded. "Yeah then we are staying and you guys come double tracking" I laughed. Niall smiled. He grabbed his tux which was in a bag and left. I told mum I was ready. Mum nodded. I smiled.


Stella's POV

I was sitting on Louis' bed i started to think. The good times we all had with one another. I am so going to miss that. Louis espically he would always make me smile in the school. Louis saw me. "Boo what's wrong?" Louis asked sitting next to me. I sighed. "Just I am going to miss your jokes and always making me smile in the school halls or with the others" I said.

Louis hugged me. "I will miss that too. All the girls have something they will miss about their boyfriends. you can count on me to be there even when I am not in the school anymore" Louis said. I nodded. Louis looked at the time. "You better get going the boys will be here soon" Louis said.

I nodded and pulled away. A few tears fell. Louis wiped them off. "At least we told each other or I would be taking someone else who I didn't like" Louis said. I laughed.

"There's the smile and laugh I love" Louis said. I smiled and stood up. I grabbed my dress which was in a bag. "Bye Boo bear" I said. Louis stood up and pecked my lips. I smiled and left.


Tamara's POV

I was in the lounge thinking over everything I would miss about Liam. Liam walked in. "Love you alright?" Liam asked. I looked up. "I don't know Liam. I am going to miss you in the school" I said. Liam sat next to me. He brought me into a hug. I cried in his chest.

Liam rubbed my back. "Well I would miss you too I will have to wait until you finish school to meet you. But that depends when I finish UNI" Liam said.

I nodded. "Love you do know all the girls would miss a little bit of their boyfriends in the school. And so will the boys. They will miss everything about the girls" Liam said.

I nodded. I pulled away. Liam wiped my tears off. "I better go see you tonight" Liam said. I nodded. Liam pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled.

When we pulled away Liam stood up and grabbed his Tux and left. "Bye love" Liam said. "Bye" I said. I told my brother Matthew I was ready. He nodded and grabbed his keys and we left.


Cornelia's POV

Zayn and I were talking. I looked at Zayn. "Zayn" I said. Zayn looked at me. "Yeah babe" Zayn said. i could fell my eyes tear up. "I will miss you" I said. zayn got closer. "I will miss you too more than anything" Zayn whispered. I nodded. "Trust me the girls would miss the boys and the boys would miss the girls. I mean why would they. We all loved each other so much nothing could break us apart" Zayn said.

I nodded. Zayn pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. "Zayn you better get going" His mum said. We pulled back. "Sorry babe" Zayn said. "I will see you tonight" I said. Zayn smiled and pecked my lips. He stood up and grabbed his tux and everything else he needed. "Bye babe" Zayn said. "See ya" I said. 

Once Zayn left. I stood up grabbing everything. His mum came down and took me to Adina's house. I think all the mothers are going to be there. Apart Tamara's and Adina's. But our parents would help out. I know Zayn mum loves helping out. I know when the boys come down. Anne, Robin, Gemma and Hannah will come.


Adina's POV

The doorbell rang. I made my way down the stairs. I opened it and let everyone in. We hugged. "Is Anne coming?" Johanna asked. I nodded. "Yeah before the boys get here" I said. I heard another knock. I opened it and saw Anne. I let them in. Hannah ran and hugged me. I smiled. All of us girls changed into our dresses. Zayn's mum was doing our hair, Mary (Luchia's mum) did our make up and Gemma did my nails. 

Once we were done everyone was shocked by the way we looked. The girls and I hugged. "We are all going to miss the boys" I said. The girls nodded. We pulled away. Anne and Gemma helped me get the food ready for the boys and us. Since it will be a while until the limo gets here. 


Harry's POV

When I got to Louis' the boys came up. We knocked on his door. Louis answered and let us in. It was so quiet. "Everyone at Adina's?" I asked. Louis nodded, "Expect dad he was taking photos of us on our own" Louis siad. We nodded. We all got into seperate rooms and changed. Man it felt like someones wedding day not prom.

I shook my hair and looked in the mirror. I fixed up my tie. I hate wearing ties. Bowtie is my thing. But no they would let me wear it. I sighed and walked out. The boys and I had a group hug. Marl (Louis' step dad) took photos of us together and on our own. "Let's go" Mark said. He was taking us down. We got into his car. He started it and drove off.

We got to Adina's house and stepped out. We all had our corsarges. I walked up. Everyone followed me. I knocked on the door. Mum answered. She left us in.


Adina's POV

Anne answered the door. She left the boys in. Harry's mouth dropped when he saw me. The boys did the same to the others. Harry walked up to me. "Okay you are killing me Adina you look absoulty stunning" Harry said. I smiled. Harry pecked my lips. 

"Harry" I said. Harry nodded. "What's in your jacket?" I asked. Harry pulled out a corsarge. He opened it and placed the corsarge on my hand. I grabbed Harry's from my bag and put it on his pocket. Harry hugged me. I smiled. We had photos. I kept smiling. "Limo is here" Hannah said running up.

Gemma picked hannah up. We walked out and made our way over. The guy smiled. His name is Paul (see what I did there). We had photos in front of the limo. We had group, singles and ones with our dates. "Ready to go?" Paul asked. We all nodded. Paul opened the limo. It was so amazing. 

We all got in and sat down. Harry grabbed my hand. I smiled.

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